Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1367

    Chapter 1367: Where It All Began

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    Ning Xi's expression instantly changed. "So, something really did happen at home?"

    When Tang Nuo saw that he could not hide it anymore, he clenched his fists and bit his tongue in an attempt to stop the words from pouring out, but because he was worried that Ning Xi would think that he thought her as an outsider, he started to stutter, "Something d-did happen at home... You know our father is easily persuaded. Some time ago, he met someone at the construction site and was tricked into lending a huge amount of money... B-but... Now we can't get it back"

    "How much did he lend?" Ning Xi frowned to ask.

    "P-probably... All of his savings... Even the money you sent back home previously. About $ 600,000 in total... We were planning to buy a house in town... But now, we don't even have enough for my school fees... Grandma has fallen sick from being so angry earlier... All the medical fees are on loan. " The more he spoke, the worse he looked.

    Ning Xi fell silent for a while and said, "You went to look for Ning Xueluo, didn't you?"

    When he heard, he quickly explained, "It's because I was really desperate... Otherwise, I definitely wouldn't have gone looking for her. Yet, in the end... Huh, I really shouldn't have come"

    Even if he did not tell her, Ning Xi could roughly guess what had happened after he went looking for Ning Xueluo.

    Ning Xi was about to say, "Why didn't you look for me?", but she swallowed it and sighed instead. "Okay, I understand the situation now. You've been on the road for about for a day, so you must be tired now. Sleep at my place for the night and rest well. Tomorrow, I'll go home with you."

    Tang Nuo instantly looked up. "Sis"

    To avoid the youth rejecting her, Ning Xi just cut him off. "If you still see me as your sister, then don't spew nonsense anymore. Go to sleep! The fact that you went to look for Ning Xueluo and not me tonight has already made me really angry!"

    Since Ning Xi had said all of that, Tang Nuo had no other choice but to obey and go to bed restlessly.

    In reality, he had always, always wished his sister would go home.

    However, the words that Mother had said back then had definitely hurt her, so as much as he missed her, he dared not let her come home. Even though something this huge had happened, he was embarrassed to come trouble her.

    Yet, now, he still had to trouble her in the end


    Late at night. it was still a sleepless night.

    She walked quietly to the youth's room and straightened his blanket, then she quietly watched him sleep.

    Go home

    Even just once could do her good.

    Maybe, returning to where it all began could clear her head.

    The next morning, Ning Xi brought Tang Nuo to Chang Chun City. She wanted to settle the issue on that side as soon as possible since she needed to rush home to meet Lu Tingxiao at night.

    To avoid being recognized, Ning Xi disguised herself a little as always.

    This time, she dressed up as an innocent and cute village girl.

    When Tang Nuo saw the girl with flushed cheeks in a flowery dress and twin pigtail braids, he teared up.

    It had been so long. Even if he missed her, he dared not to come looking for her. It was also because he was afraid...afraid that the sister in his memory would never come back again.

    Thankfully, his sister was still here

    Ning Xi knew she had not slept well for the past few days, so she did not dare to drive while being so exhausted. She took the long-distance coach with Tang Nuo.

    Tang Nuo did not mind at all. He was quite pleased actually, and he felt very much like himself.

    The siblings chatted about all sorts of things on the road. Very quickly, they had returned to their usual intimacy as if they had never separated.