Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1366

Chapter 1366: Who Bullied You?

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"Xiao Nuo! It really is you!" Ning Xi was stunned to see him looking so battered. She did not stop to think and quickly took off her coat to wrap him up firmly. "Get into the car first!"

Ning Xi took his things and put them in the boot as she urged to get in.

However, the youth stood uncomfortably outside the luxury car. "Sis, I'm dirty..."

"What nonsense!? Has the rain turned you silly!?" Ning Xi pushed him into the car agitatedly.

The BMW drove off with the beauty and youth in it.

Behind them, the shop owner remained in a state of confusion.

Did he just witness a rich and beautiful woman suddenly drive off with a beggar?

And that beautiful woman looked like a celebrity...

In the car, Ning Xi ramped up the heater and handed the young man a towel, looking very upset. "Wipe yourself! What's wrong with you?! Don't you know that you're weak?! Don't you know how to get out of the rain? Why did you suddenly come to Imperial? Why didn't you tell me? Don't you have my number and new address?"

As he listened to her nagging ramble on, the youth could not help it. His tears started to splatter onto the back of his hand.

Ning Xi was worried when she saw his tears. "Why are you crying? What happened? Who bullied you?! Tell me!"

Tang Nuo shook his head. He rushed to wipe his tears away and blushed with shame. "No, it's just because I haven't seen you for a long time. These are tears of joy!"

"You punk!" Ning Xi could not help but laugh, but she still felt that Tang Nuo had something on his chest. She was planning to ask him properly when they got back home.

Half an hour later, Ning Xi brought Tang Nuo back to the villa.

When he saw the opulent residence, Tang Nuo's eyes were full of amazement. "Sis, you're so amazing! It turns out that it's true that you've moved to a huge house..."

"Duh, would I lie to you? I already told you that I'm popular now! Don't you watch TV? Okay, we'll talk again later. Go take a hot shower first!" Ning Xi found one of her male outfits and gave it to him. She pushed him into the bathtub and explained how to use the bathroom in detail.

After Tang Nuo went in, Ning Xi sat on the sofa and her head was swimming with the sight of Tang Nuo looking pitiful and battered earlier. Suddenly, mournfulness filled her eyes...

She had been closest to her brother, Tang Nuo, since they were young. Even though she was always weak and easily bullied, if someone dared to bully Tang Nuo, she would be the first to step up. How could she bear seeing her beloved brother being bullied?

Only until there was the sound of footsteps of Tang Nuo having gotten out of the shower, did Ning Xi gather herself. She looked serious when she asked him, "Tell me, what happened?"

Tang Nuo immediately said, "No-nothing... I just came to Imperial for vacation since it's the holidays. I didn't want to trouble you so I didn't tell you..."

They had lived together for 18 years since they were young, so Ning Xi could immediately tell that he was lying. "Did something happen at home?"

The youth instantly tensed up. "No! Everything fine's at home. What could've happened?"

When she saw that he still did not want to tell, Ning Xi intentionally sounded more solemn. "Since you see me as an outsider, that's fine. I won't force you."

Tang Nuo's eyes instantly reddened at Ning Xi's words. "Sis, I didn't!! I-I'm just afraid that you'd worry..."