Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1359

    Chapter 1359: So, Then, Still Want To Continue?

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    Ning Xi did not even open her eyes. Her voice was even more sinister and terrifying than his. "I'm not in a very good mood lately. I advise you to stay away from me."

    The girl's creepy tone caused a chill to shoot up Mo Yuxiu's spine. He scoffed mockingly, "Huh, in a bad mood? What's wrong? Are you breaking up with your man?"

    At that moment, the words "breaking up" were a flame that could ignite an entire barrel of explosives...

    In the next second, with a resounding thump, Mo Yuxiu was attacked with a shoulder throw by Ning Xi, and he fell to the floor. The girl towered over him and glowered down at him, her eyes containing a slight chill that could make one's blood run cold.

    This sudden scene shocked everyone else in the office...

    Qin Ran, Han Yucheng, Luo Fan, and Li Lekai all exchanged confused looks.

    Bloody hell, why were these two fighting again?

    This time, it looked like Ning Xi had made the first move.

    In the corner, Jiang Muye shook his head and sighed as he looked pitifully at Mo Yuxiu.

    Pfft, I wonder what happened to that girl. She has been a mess recently. Even I daren't get close to her. Mo Yuxiu had to go to her now of alltimes. It was practically suicide!

    "Frick..." Mo Yuxiu was the most confused. He did not expect Ning Xi to suddenly revolt. In defiance, he cursed and attacked her right back.

    Ning Xi's usual fighting capabilities were enough to beat Mo Yuxiu. Now, the situation was even more savage that it was hard for anyone to watch.

    Then...nextup...Mo Yuxiu had undoubtedly been beaten up by Ning Xi...

    In fact, Ning Xi did not care about his dignity at all this time. She sat on Mo Yuxiu and beat him up to the extent that he had no way of fighting back. Only her final sliver of rationality held her back from hitting his face.

    Qin Ran stroked his chin and commented, "Watching Ning Xi fight is quite exciting!"

    Li Lekai, whose partner had cheated on him with Mo Yuxiu, was watching the show rather gleefully. He almost wanted to get his phone out and record this, so he could watch it before sleeping every night. It just felt so good!

    "Bro Xi...Yuxiu! Don't fight anymore. Things were just fine. What happened?" Ye Ying was anxiously calling out from the side.

    She was speechless as well. Why had her two Prince Charmings gotten into a fight again? What weird addiction was this!?

    Thankfully, after the previous incidents, she was getting familiar with things and now she was much calmer. Plus, Ning Xi did not his hit face, so she felt that she would not act out of hand, reassuring her slightly.

    Until the end, Ning Xi used one knee to pin Mo Yuxiu's back down. She panted slightly, then leaned into the man's ear and warned, "How then? Still want to continue?"

    When Mo Yuxiu felt the girl's slim legs on his back, while the girl's warm breath gasping close to his ear, he suddenly felt his heart beating faster beyond comprehension...

    That was...the long-awaited...feeling of arousal... The feeling of being aroused by a woman...

    Bloody hell! Damn it! It was just once or twice, yet he had been beaten to the state of arousal?

    He himself did not know that he was into masochism!

    "Let go!" Mo Yuxiu was getting frightened by his own thoughts. He struggled vigorously from Ning Xi's grasp and escaped far away, but his gaze towards Ning Xi had secretly increased in passion.

    Jiang Muye looked at Ning Xi, then at the beaten-up Mo Yuxiu.

    Sigh, now Ning Xi had someone else to beat up. Finally, he did not have to suffer anymore, but why did he suddenly feel lonely?