Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1358

    Chapter 1358: Want To Be In Dearest's Embrace

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    Ning Xi stared at the two dates marked in red for a long time.

    Finally, she sent Lu Tingxiao a text: [My dear, let's have our date this weekend?]

    If possible, she wished she had more time. She was worried that something would happen and she lost control of herself. It would affect her work, but now with the new series about to begin shooting, she could only resolve this as soon as possible before they began. If she continued to drag this on, she would not be able to focus on doing anything else.

    The text had just been sent shortly when Lu Tingxiao called her. "I've seen your text. I'm good with it."

    "Okay, that's settled then!" Ning Xi spoke with a light-hearted tone, yet the truth was that the instant she heard Lu Tingxiao's voice, she immediately had the thought of backing out, so she could escape from what she had just committed to and forget about the whole thing.

    "Are you done with work? I've just finished my meeting. Shall I go over to you?" Lu Tingxiao asked.

    Ning Xi's heart skipped a beat. "Ah, don't... I-I'm not done yet. I might be quite late..."

    "Okay, don't work too hard. Finish earlier and rest soon."

    "Mmm, I'm hanging up now okay? Mwah mwah!" Ning Xi hung up seeming like a weight had been liftedoff her shoulders.

    Jeez! All she did was hear Lu Tingxiao's voice and it was enough to waver her. When they met in real life, she might really throw away her determination into the Mariana Trench!

    This would not do. She had to be firm before this weekend came. She had to make sure she would say it all in one go and settle this once and for all...


    The next day, Ning Xi woke up bright and early to rush to the Lu Corporation.

    She had just parked when a familiar black Maybach suddenly stopped beside her. In the shotgun seat was an excited Lu Jingli. "Hey, Xiao Xi Xi, what a coincidence! You're here..."

    Before he could finish, Ning Xi had already run off.

    "Uhh?" Lu Jingli scratched his head and looked at his brother in confusion. "Didn't Xiao Xi Xi see us? That's not right! She clearly did! Our eyes even met... Then why did she run off faster than a hare at the sight of us? There's no one else nearby either."

    Lu Tingxiao looked towards the direction she had left. There was an unnoticeable frown on his face.

    In the elevator, Ning Xi patted her chest as if she had just escaped death.

    That was close...

    She had almost cleared out the MP [1] she had accumulated the entire night.

    Sobs... Bloody hell! She clearly just wanted to fly over and be in her dearest's embrace!

    No, she must hold back! She did not want to use any more excuses to hide anything from him. Even after she told him, the price she would have to pay might not be something she could bear.

    She walked into the advertising department, the first to arrive.

    "Bro Xi, you're here! You're really early!" Ye Ying cordially greeted her.

    "Morning, Director Ye! Hmm, aren't the others here yet? Then, I'll just shut my eyes to rest! Is that okay?"

    "Of course! Bro Xi, you must be quite busy recently. Don't tire yourself out! Rest, it's fine. It'll probably take a while for others to arrive! When they're here, I'll call you!" Ye Ying said.


    Then, while the others had yet to arrive, Ning Xi sat on the sofa and leaned back to rest. She had not slept for the entire night last night because she had been fighting the restlessness in her.

    Her stress-relieving methods in the past had all been disastrous such as partaking in extreme sports or dangerous missions...

    Very quickly, the others slowly arrived.

    While Ning Xi was still resting with her eyes shut, she heard a sinister voice by her ear, "So, then, have you considered what I said before?"