Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1357

Chapter 1357: How Many Girl's Hearts Have You Stolen

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The instant they saw Ning Xi and wondered about this girl's mannerisms and appearance, the line "the apple doesn' t fall far from the tree" flashed across Zheng Mingjun's mind.

She was worthy of being the real daughter of a prestigious family. Even if she had stayed in a rural village for 18 years, it was just something in her bones.

Then, she thought about how Zhuang Lingyu was Zhuang Zongren's daughter, thus making Ning Xi Zhuang Zhongren's niece and how she had part of the Zhuang family's bloodline. Zheng Mingjun felt upset again...

Ning Xi very quickly returned to her senses after her initial surprise of seeing Su Hongguang and Zheng Mingjun. She turned around to Guo Qisheng. "Director Guo? What is it?"

Guo Qisheng panted, "Why did you leave so quickly? I still have something I need your help with!"

Ning Xi broke into bubbly laughter. "What could be so important that you had to personally chase after me, Director Guo?"

Guo Qisheng cleared his throat, seeming a little unnatural as he scooped out a pink notebook filled with hearts. "Please autograph this for me!"

Ning Xi almost laughed out loud. "No way, Director Guo! I didn't think you were a crazy fan too?"

Guo Qisheng shot her an embarrassed look. "Nonsense, this is my daughter's! Quickly sign it! The little girl's been urging me so many times. If I don't get it done today, she's going to torment me again!"

Guo Qisheng's daughter...

Jeez, was that so!?

Ning Xi took the book and skimmed through it. She realized it was filled with her pictures. What a true fangirl!

Ning Xi's heart warmed at this sight. She properly signed her name and even included a few words of encouragement.

Guo Qisheng took the book back and looked like his family's good crop was going to be snatched away by Ning Xi. "Hey you need to restrain yourself a little! You're but just one girl, but how many little girl's hearts have you stolen?!"

Ning Xi laughed heartily. "Director Guo, are you jealous!?"

Guo Qisheng shot her a look before leaving.

Su Hongguang and Zheng Mingju were driving home. The two of them had some pent-up frustrations. Initially, they had consoled each other and persuaded themselves that Ning Xueluo was a hundred times better than Ning Xi, yet who would have thought that with just one look at Ning Xi earlier, they would begin to waver...


At Peachwood, after she reached home, Ning Xi took off her shoes as she let Steamed Bun prepare a bath for her, then the first thing she did was immerse herself in the tub.

Only when her entire body was engulfed by warmth, her tensed nerves could finally relax a little.

The restlessness in her was screaming crazily with an impulse to escape the limitations of rationality.

Obviously, that little moment from last night was not even enough for her to relieve stress.

Ning Xi continuously took deep breaths and forced herself to forget about going out to wreak havoc.

Ding! Her phone rang. It was probably Xiao Tao sending over the itinerary.

Ning Xi wiped her hands and took her phone. Indeed, it was Xiao Tao.

Ning Xi opened the itinerary in her inbox. She realized that her workflow would soon be pretty filled up especially in the next two days. When the Lu Corporation commercial was done, she would have to cooperate and attend all sort of promotional events by the company.

After she was done being busy for the next few days, Ling Zhizhi had kept her weekends free for rest. When she was done resting, the crew of the television series would be ready to start work.

Thus, it was probably only those two days that were best...