Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1353

    Chapter 1353: Can I Go On Strike?

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    Guo Qisheng patted Ning Xi on her back when he saw that she was looking a little green. He told her in a confident tone, "You don't have to worry so much about it, Ning Xi. He doesn't really have many scenes, so it won't affect the series much, and most of them are just scenes with you. Lead him a little and it'll be fine!"

    Television series were different from movies. The standard requirements were not as high; some minor characters would not be that important.

    Ning Xi felt dreadful

    Ning Xi thought to herself, "Can I go on a strike?"

    Guo Qisheng suddenly remembered something. "Oh, right, Ning Xi! The character you recommended for Ke Mingyu has been decided!"

    Ning Xi was speechless

    An extra blow!

    Guo Qisheng had no idea what Ning Xi was fretting about. He just told her to do her best and then left.

    Jiang Muye came over and was enjoying the chaos flitting across Ning Xi's face. "What's up with you? You look like you want to jump into the river after the conversation with the Director!"

    Ning Xi leaned against the wall, mumbling to herself, "As the Heavens entrust a person with great responsibilities, his resolve will be tested, exhausting his muscles and bones, exposing him to hunger, and leaving him in extreme poverty in order to make up for his shortcomings"

    At the Big Pearl Hotel which was near Ning Xi's audition location.

    In the room, the Nings and the Sus gathered to discuss what had happened at the cocktail party the other day.

    "Uncle, Aunty, the hotel has a batch of fresh seafood today. Let's try some!" Ning Xueluo tried to speak carefully.

    On the opposite of the roundtable, Su Yan's parents looked unhappy. There was no sign of the kindness usually shown to Ning Xueluo. They acted indifferent to her instead.

    Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu were unhappy about their attitude, but they could only remain silent.

    Ning Yaohua asked, "Where's Su Yan? Why isn't he here yet?"

    Ning Xueluo quickly said, "Bro Yan is already on his way. He should be here soon"

    Suddenly, the door opened and Su Yan walked in.

    Ning Xueluo's eyes brightened. She went up to him and had tears in her eyes. "Bro Yan"

    Su Yan did not have to ask and knew that his parents were giving Ning Xueluo a hard time. In sympathy, he gave her a gentle gaze and sat with her.

    Su Yan's mother became broodier when she saw her son's protective behavior. "Su Yan, come and sit over here."

    Ning Xueluo's face turned pale.

    "Mother, didn't we talk about this before we came?"

    It seemed like Su Yan had said something to his parents beforehand, but of course, they would refuse to listen to any of it.

    Su Yan's mother was upset. "I can't take this! Look at what their family has done! And you, you knew it all along! Why didn't you tell us?"

    Su Yan's father voiced out as well, "This is a serious matter,Su Yan. You're being ridiculous!"

    Although Su Hongguang looked like he was blaming Su Yan, he was glaring at Ning Xueluo, apparently blaming Ning Xueluo for seducing Su Yan.

    Actually, it was understandable why Su Hongguang and Zheng Minjun would act this way.