Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1352

    Chapter 1352: Gathered Enough For Mahjong

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    "The lineup of the cast and the script for this show has ensured that this series will be a big hit. With such a huge cake, everyone wants a piece of it, including the Su family who's preparing to enter the entertainment business. It's not surprising that they'd be part of this. The Su family's investmentisn't really considered extremely high; they're just one of the many investors."

    "But with Su Yan and Ning Xueluo's relationship..." Would the Sus invest a show in which she was the female lead?

    "Relationships are phony, profits are the priority!"

    Ning Xi calmed down to think about it and decided that it was really not that odd.

    Even if Ning Xueluo was the daughter-in-law-to-be of the Su family, in order for the Sus to enter the entertainment business, they could not just invest in Ning Xueluo's productions.

    Ning Xi considered it and suddenly had a bad feeling. She quickly pulled Jiang Muye aside to ask, "Who are the other investors for this show apart from Su Yan?"

    Jiang Muye rolled his eyes at her. "I'm not that free to pay attention to these things. Who cares!? I only know that Glory World Entertainment invested $ 1 billion dollars."

    "CEO Su, this is our female lead, Meng Shiyi, our second male lead, Mo Yuxiu, and our second female lead, Li Yiqing. You're familiar with the first male lead and the other female lead, Jiang Muye and Ning Xi," Guo Qisheng introduced each one of them to Su Yan.

    Everyone was rather friendly and performed common courtesy towards the investors.

    Su Yan greeted each and every one of them, his gaze pausing on Ning Xi for a moment, but he regained it very quickly, revealing not a single hint. "Director Guo, I still need to rush for a family dinner, so I won't stay longer."

    "Of course, CEO Su, feel free to leave if you're busy! I'll send you off..."

    After Guo Qisheng returned from sending Su Yan off, Ning Xi immediately ran over and cornered Guo Qisheng to ask, "Director Guo, who are the other investors?"

    "There are many! In fact, there are more than ten investors! The Su family's investment is the third largest," answered Guo Qisheng.

    "More than ten..." Ning Xi scratched her head. "Who invested the most then? Glory World Entertainment?"

    Guo Qisheng shook his head. "No, your company is the second. I'm sure you've heard of the largest investor. It's Yi Lan Innovative Investment Group that recently became very famous in Imperial's business circle. They're surely rich and generous, investing $ 2 billion in a go!"

    What? Yi Lan Investment Group? Was that not Yun Shen's company?!

    When she heard that it was Yi Lan Investment Group, Ning Xi felt like she had been struck by lightning from all sides, and it was as if her fate of death was fast approaching.

    Guo Qisheng continued, "It seems like their boss is rather interested in the business of filmmaking. Oh right, their boss will even be featured as a cameo in the show himself!"

    When she heard this, Ning Xi's face darkened. "C-cameo? Who's he going to cameo as?"

    Guo Qisheng looked to Ning Xi and smiled mysteriously. "His character has a trivial relationship with your character!"

    Ning Xi put her hand to her heart that was about to stop short. "He... What's he acting as? Director, don't tease me anymore, let me be mentally prepared!"

    Guo Qisheng answered, "He's acting as Yun Huang's father."

    Ning Xi was speechless.

    Yun Shen, f*ck you!

    He was actually going to act as her father?

    Fine, you are cool. You have money. You are my father!

    At this moment, Ning Xi was breaking down on the inside...

    She had thought that the role in this show was not challenging and rather relaxing for her. She could even improve her acting skills with capability camps like Meng Shiyi, making it perfect, yet who would have thought that it had now become the most difficult obstacle in her acting life!?

    Great, now they had really gathered enough for a round of Mahjong!

    God, you are truly playing games with me!