Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1350

    Chapter 1350: Bite Me!

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    Why couldn't they let her have a peaceful life?

    When he saw Ning Xi's fretful reaction, Jiang Muye shot her a side look and said, "The person at Bar No. 8 last night was you, wasn't it?"

    Ning Xi tilted her head to the side and did not say anything, but her expression answered him.

    Jiang Muye snorted, "I knew it was you!"

    Then, he looked a little worriedly at her. "Did...something happen?"

    If the public relations team had not dealt with the matter properly, this incident was enough to ruin all the image and popularity she had worked so hard to build.

    Based on Ning Xi's excellent work ethics, she definitely would not make such a rookie mistake.

    "It's nothing." Ning Xi obviously did not want to discuss this.

    Jiang Muye rolled his eyes at her sarcastically. "Still hiding things from me? Yet, here I am thinking about sharing your burden with you! My kindness is being treated as malice!"

    Ning Xi simply said to Jiang Muye, "Not everything can be shared. There are some things I just want to bring to my deathbed."

    Jiang Muye's mouth twitched. "Speak human to me!"

    Ning Xi replied, "I just don't want to tell you, so bite me!"

    Jiang Muye had nothing to say.


    Moments later, Ning Xi finished putting her makeup on and walked to the audition venue.

    In the studio, Meng Shiyi's still image for her character was being photographed.

    With a long silver sword, an outfit whiter than snow, her flowing black hair, and the expression that conveyed neither sadness nor happiness, brilliantly conveying the immortally graceful charisma and love-refusing demeanor of the series' female lead, the photographers, director, and surrounding crew members praised Meng Shiyi profusely.

    "Meng Shiyi is amazing! She's even more fitting of the role than we thought after putting on her makeup for the image! She's practically like a goddess that has descended from the Ninth Heavens!"

    "She's exactly the same as Leng Aoxue in the novel. Fans of the book will have nothing to criticize!"


    Ning Xi crossed her arms and watched quietly from the side. There was fiery enthusiasm radiating from her eyes as if she had met a worthy opponent.

    To be honest, Meng Shiyi was indeed spectacular at acting. An expressionless character like Leng Aoxue looked easy, yet it was actually extremely difficult to perform because it would look like she had facial nerve paralysis if she did not act carefully. Nevertheless, Meng Shiyi had mastered it well. There were not many who could achieve this.

    She was worthy of holding the title of the two-time award-winning movie queen.

    As the crowd buzzed, someone saw Ning Xi from the corner of their eye. She had changed into her costume as well and instantly, exclamations began.

    "Wah! Yun Huang!"

    "Ning Xi's Yun Huang is really amazing too! Thevibes!"

    "Ning Xi is quite suitable for such villainous characters. She did well in 'The World' as Meng Changge. No wonder Director Guo cast her!"


    The two female leads in the series, Leng Aoxue and Yun Huang, had starkly constrasting personalities and settings. One was the leader of the right-wing Xuanji faction, and the other was a witch from a place occupied by sinister forces. One was elegant and free from vulgarity, the other was sly and unpredictable.

    The male lead having to contend between the two women, and the love-hate dynamics of this love triangle was considered one of the show's highlights.

    Of course, if Yun Huang's character was simple as that, Guo Qisheng would not have especially casted Ning Xi, and even claimed that it had been tailored for her.

    The main feature of Ning Xi's character was the fact that Yun Huang was spellbound as a result of having practiced magic and thus, had two split personalities.