Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1346

Chapter 1346: Something So Sweet

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Chapter 1346: Something So Sweet

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Ning Yaohua's worries disappeared when he saw the girl's heartbreaking expression. He tried to persuade her, "Xueluo, of course, I understand you, but you have to take this. Only you can help me now! The Su family will only reconsider if you take the shares. Only then can you be with Su Yan. Currently, your aunt has 20%, while your uncle and Tianxin have 16%. We really need the support of the Su family, do you understand?"

Zhuang Lingyu held Ning Xueluo's hands gently. "Xueluo, take it as helping your father. You've said so yourself that you don't care about what others think. You just have to know that your father and I don't think of you that way! Just take it!"

"But" Ning Xueluo still looked hesitant.

Zhuang Lingyu stepped up her gear. "No buts, or are you really willing to leave Su Yan behind? It doesn't matter if the share is with you or with us. It's the same! We're still expecting you to take care of us in the future! You can't do anything foolish. You won't be going anywhere and you shall stay by our side!"

Ning Xueluo's tears fell as she sobbed, "Father...Mother...thank you...thank youI will not let the both of you down! I'll hold the Ning family together!"

Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu nodded sadly. "Good girl"

In a dark corner, Ning Xueluo grinned, looking extremely happy and sneering.

Thanks to you, Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu finally gave me their shares

This is only the first step

Soon, the whole Ning family will be mine

At Platinum Palace, Ning Xi woke up with a start.

She dreamt being drunk, singing in a bar, taking someone's bike, and fighting with some people

Ring! A notification sound came from her phone.

There was a headline sprawled on her phone screen. "Ning Xi found singing at Bar No. 8".

Her memory came back to her at once and Ning Xi screamed while covering her face in aghast. Oh, she was done for!

Ning Xi quickly navigated through her Weibo and several other news sites. She then realized it was not as severe as she thought. Most of the discussion went along the lines of "someone who looked like Ning Xi appeared at Bar No. 8"...

Obviously, Lu Tingxiao and Lu Jingli has done something about it.

"You're up." The man's deep voice appeared beside her.

Ning Xi raised her head up, almost in tears. "Boss"

Lu Tingxiao had a bowl of soup in his hands. "It's alright, I've already covered up what happened last night. Drink up."

Ning Xi took the soup and drank it sip by sip obediently. With an anxious heart, she mumbled, "You...aren't you going to scold me?"

"You're not hurt, so why should I scold you?"


Why did he act like as long as she was not hurt, she could do anything she wanted?

Could he not do something this sweet so early in the morning?