Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1342

Chapter 1342: Wife-Protecting Devil

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At Platinum Palace, Ning Xi was still lively on the outside, but after Lu Tingxiao brought her back, her energy seemed to have been drained entirely. She simply did not want to move at all.

Lu Tingxiao carried her down from the car,then took her all the way upstairs before carefully putting her to bed. He helped her take off her coat, and immediately checked for any wounds on her.

It was a good thing that she was obedient this time. It did not matter how the others had been beaten up because she was just fine with no wounds at all. Her fair and smooth fingers were intact as well. That bloodstain on her fingertip earlier was probably not hers...

Thus, Lu Tingxiao was not even angry at all.

Mmm, very good.

Ning Xi withdrew the finger that he kept checking and held his face. She was humming indistinctly, "Baby, you light up my world...the way that your beauty gets me overwhelmed..."

Then, she leaned in and wanted to kiss his thin and seductive lips...

Lu Tingxiao avoided the kiss. He asked seriously, "Tell me, what is it?"

Even though Ning Xi was very impulsive, she had principles. She knew what she should not do and she cared especially for her career. If something drastic had not happened, she would not have acted as she did tonight.

Unless she could not control her own behavior anymore.

And what could have made her lose control to this extent?

Ning Xi buried her head in his embrace. Perhaps, she missed his hug, or she was trying to avoid his gaze. "I'm in a bad mood."

"Why're you in a bad mood?"

"Because...because Mo Lingtian..."

"Hmm?" How did it involve Mo Lingtian?

"He bullied my cousin, and even made her pregnant without wanting to take responsibility!"

"Ning Tianxin?"

"Mmm..." Ning Xi felt her head getting heavier, so she nodded a little slowly.


At this moment, the door was slammed opened and Lu Jingli stood dumbfounded at the door when he saw the both of them. "Eh, Xiao Xi Xi, you've already been caught and brought back home! That was fast!"

Because she was way too tired, she had already shut her eyes and fallen asleep in Lu Tingxiao's embrace.

Lu Tingxiao signed Lu Jingli to keep quiet. He lowered her down before walking out of the room.


In the living room downstairs.

"Hey! Bro, was Xiao Xi Xi triggered tonight? Look at the things she did tonight. It really became the talk of the town tonight!" Lu Jingli immediately played a video for Lu Tingxiao to watch.

The video showed Ning Xi kicking the male singer off the stage to sing. Then, when fast-forwarded, some passerby had taken a video of Ning Xi's stealing cars to race in a blurry cameo.

This video had been shared on the entire Internet in just a few short hours, but it had been cleaned up by the people Lu Tingxiao hired. Ling Zhizhi had also quickly released a statement to respond that the person tonight was not Ning Xi.

Nevertheless, the entire cyberspace was going crazy with the discussion. Glory World's public relations department had also been busy the entire night.

Ever since Ning Xi entered the company, she had been very cautious and conscientious, a model worker who always spared Lu Jingli any worries.

However, now, Lu Jingli realized he had been too naive. "Xiao Xi Xi is so cruel! She kept quiet for a long time and then does this single brilliant feat, giving me such a huge heart attack at a go..."

"Settle this before she wakes up tomorrow morning," ordered Lu Tingxiao expressionlessly.His tone was one that did not allow his wife to be upset about this when she woke up later.