Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1341

    Chapter 1341: Lu Tingxiao, Is This How You Teach Your Child?

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    The car door opened, and a chilly man in a black tuxedo stepped out. He walked straight to where the chaos was.

    When Tang Lang saw Lu Tingxiao from the corner of his eye, he almost cried with joy, "Oh my God! Boss, oh! You're finally here..."

    Ning Xi had also clearly noticed Lu Tingxiao too. As she was about to grow wings and fly off, she suddenly stopped her movements and looked dazedly at the person before her.

    With that familiar sound of steady footsteps, the man walked with his back to the light and slowly towards her...

    As if air and time had come to a standstill, she stood there unmoving as she watched, stunned, at the silhouette walking towards her until that figure stopped right before her.

    The two people faced each other.

    The girl stared at the man, then her head fell on his chest, her wig falling off and revealing her long, jet black hair.

    In the next second, the weak sound of her voice echoed from his chest. "It hurts..."

    The man's expression changed into one of urgency. "Where are you hurt?"

    The girl looked at him sadly as she showed her finger. There was a crimson bloodstain the size of a needle tip on her finger. "My finger hurts..."

    All the punks, who had been punched black and blue, were speechless.! Sis! Are you messing with us?

    Lu Tingxiao frowned and held the girl's finger up into the light to have a closer look. "Come to the car. I'll clean it up for you."

    What was there to clean?! That little wound was the size of a needle tip. That tiny drop of blood might not even be hers but ours! Bro, look at us! Look at how we have been beaten up...

    What made them break down was the fact that the devil was actually a woman, and all of them had been beaten up by a woman to this extent!

    Ning Xi did not move. She just sniffed miserably, then opened up her arms. "Leg hurts."

    Lu Tingxiao immediately bent down to carefully pick her up by the waist, then carried her to the car with the gentleness of a treasured darling.

    From behind, Tang Lang spoke up, "Hey, hey, something wrong? I called you here to educate her! Is this how you teach your child? Huh?"

    The answer to that was just the slam of the car door closing.

    Then, the car door of the driver opened. Lu Tingxiao's personal assistant, Cheng Feng, walked out and walked to the punks. He quickly wrote a cheque for them. "You know what to do?"

    The bald leader's eyes flew wide open at the cheque. "Bloody hell! A million dollars!"

    This beating was rather worth it.

    "We do, we do! Don't worry!" The bald-headed guy replied.

    Not long after, the police cars caught up. Since those punks had taken the money, they clearly did not mention Ning Xi and just said that it was a scuffle among them.

    Tang Lang was speechless. He did not want to say anything anymore...

    Nice! She had caused so much trouble, yet there was not even one word of scolding. They even helped her cover up!

    Great! This was so like Lu Tingxiao!

    Now, he knew why this girl was so out of control!

    At the same time, he finally knew that Ning Xi would restrain herself beside Lu Tingxiao because she was willing to do so. She was willing to change for him, and not because Lu Tingxiao had limited her from doing anything.

    On the contrary, she could always be herself when she was by his side.

    At Tang Lang watched the vast and obscure night sky, he shook his head and sighed, "Just look at that. This Yun guy, you're really losing...very justifiably!"