Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 134

Chapter 134: Changed Into Pajamas And Spread Flower Petals

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It was already very late at night, when Ning Xi left the hospital.

There was not a single star in the sky, no moon, either, only a few bikers and pedestrians on the street.

She admitted that Ning Xueluos schemes were really clumsy and had absolutely no technical content, but, she still succeeded.

She always used the things that she once cared the most to strike her.

Like Su Yan, like her parents

Sometimes she really doubted herself, maybe it was all her fault, she was the lame one, so unbearable that everyone hated her, brittled her, abandoned her

She even doubted if all her efforts and suffers to this day were meaningless.

So what if one day she achieved her goal and owned everything, nobody would care in this world, she would still be alone.

Ning Xi was lost, wondering on the street, didn't realize a black car with no license plate was following her secretly

When she walked to a place with no one was near, two guys came out of the car swiftly, one covered her face with a wet towel, one tied her up with strings, and dragged her into the car with great strength

The whole process didn't last longer than 5 seconds.

When Ning Xi finally recovered her consciousness, she already lost all of her strength and was tied up tightly, there was no way she could fight back.

A weak smile showed up on Ning Xis pale face.

What a rich birthday, first she was set up, then she was kidnapped

The car drove steadily for a long time, there was a black cloth over Ning Xis eyes and she didn't know where this car was heading to, no to mention where did these guys come from.

Ning Xueluos people?

Shouldn't be, she already succeeded today, no need to do this.

Then who are shy? Whom did she have an issue with recently?

Ning Xi couldn't think of anything, she heard one of the two guys, who sat in front, talking on the phone:

"Hello, Boss Zhuyes, all done, we are on our wayyes yes yes, dont worry, will deliver her to you on time! She's a knock out, even we have a crush on her! Hahaha, we don't have the guts to! She's all yours!"

Ning Xi was shocked, Boss Zhu?

She suddenly thought about the Pearl Hotel issue, when she accidentally went into the wrong box.

Boss Zhu was Zhu Xiangcheng?

He didn't get what he wanted that day, still not letting it go and sent people to kidnap her?

Ning Xi was more confident about it as she thought about it more, and cursed him on the inside, when she tried to escape, the anesthetics started to kick in, she became more and more unconscious, fell into a complete darkness at last

When Ning Xi got her consciousness back a little, she was still blind-folded.

There were two women voices in the room, she couldnt hear that exactly they were talking about. Only felt that they were getting her clothes off and put her into an extremely thin night gown, and put petal-like things all over her body

Ning Xi felt something was not right, an impatient person like Zhu Xiangcheng wouldnt take so long to get a woman he wants, must had her as soon as she was here, and now, got her changed, spread petals, even put perfume on her

Nasty fat pig! Old pervert! Why didn't he just kill her directly, why all this fuss?