Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1339

Chapter 1339: Lu Tingxiao Come!

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Chapter 1339: Lu Tingxiao Come!

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"Damn it! Warn me before you go crazy, alright?"

Ning Xi nodded and replied, "Oh"

"Let's go now! What are you looking about for?" Tang Lang realized that Ning Xi was not following him. He looked over at what Ning Xi was staring at. It was a bunch of guys with motorcycles surrounding a pretty girl.

"Hey, girl, hang out with me!"

"I...I can't, my friends are inside waiting for me"

"Just to look at that male singer? What's so good about him?! Let's go! I'll make sure you'll feel very good tonight"

"Hey, let go of me!"

"Please, I'll ask the guards to take care of this, alright? Can you not get involved again? I just only got you out! The reporters are going to be here anytime soon!" Tang Lang was really exhausted.

Ning Xi started counting, "Three...two"

"Huh? What are you counting?" Tang Lang was confused.

"One!" Ning Xi suddenly sprinted forward and kicked the man who was on the motorcycle down. She then rode the bike and escaped.

Tang Lang was speechless.

Was that countdown meant to be a warning to him?

Thank you very much!

The man who was harassing the girl just a minute ago was enraged. "Damn it! That bastard! He dared to take my bike!"

"Get him!"


Ning Xi was really a skilled troublemaker. There were about a dozen of people chasing after her. They all looked ferocious and were chasing her on their expensive, heavy-duty bikes.

Tang Lang could only continue to follow them. He grabbed one of their bikes and rushed towards Ning Xi.

He was still taking the salary of a bodyguard after all!

What an inhumane job!

Soon, the group dispersed, and only the pretty girl was left there alone.

Was she mistaken? Why did the person just now look like Bro Xi?

Tang Lang's sixth sense told him that he would not be able to handle Ning Xi alone tonight, so he decisively made a call to Lu Tingxiao while chasing Ning Xi. "Hey! Boss, your Ning Xi has gone crazy! She's like a wild dog now! If you don't come and hold her back, I really can't take it anymore!"

"Where are you?" Lu Tingxiao did not say much, going straight to the point.

"I'm... I only know where I am now, but I can't be sure about later! I'm moving at a really high speed! I'm on the highway connecting Sky Dragon Bay and Death Valley... I'm losing her! Please come here quickly!" Tang Lang ended the call and quickly caught up.

As Tang Lang caught up with them, the dozen people were already beaten up by Ning Xi.

And she was not letting them go.

Ning Xi squatted down in front of them. "I'll ask you guys a question. The person who gets it right can leave"