Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1335

Chapter 1335: How Dare You Mess With My Woman?

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How did Mo Lingtian find out about this?!

As Ning Tianxin uttered those words, Mo Lingtian was completely stunned as well. His eyes were filled with hopelessness and panic. "So, it's true! You're really pregnant! Was it from that time that I got drunk?"

When she saw Mo Lingtian's extremely miserable expression, Ning Tianxin's heart instantly constricted. Even though she knew very well that this would be his reaction, it still made her heart ache to the point that it was hard to breathe.

Ning Tianxin's body shivered. She did not know where she found the strength, but she forced herself to say calmly, "Lingtian, what are you talking about? How could it be? I don't know how you found out about this, but...the child's completely unrelated to you..."

"Unrelated to me?" Mo Lingtian spoke slowly, "Do you know who's the gynecologist that did the checkup for you today? That's my aunt! She heard your conversation with your sister herself..."

Now, Ning Tianxin was completely dumbfounded.She would never have thought that there could be such a coincidence.

That doctor was actually Mo Lingtian's aunt?

Now that she recalled that doctor's attitude from before and after her conversation with Ning Xi, it did seem a little out of the ordinary.

"What...what a coincidence!" Ning Tianxin bit her lip, then she continued, "Well, your aunt probably heard us wrong.I was fighting with my cousin a little then, my cousin misunderstood and thought the child was yours, so she wanted to look for you."

Mo Lingtian looked at her. "So you're saying that it's not mine."

"It's not," replied Ning Tianxin.

Mo Lingtian gritted his teeth. "Okay, it's not mine, then tell me whose is it?! The day that I was with you was your first time!"

"I..." Ning Tianxin had been pushed by Mo Lingtian to her breaking point.

Just as Mo Lingtian continued to interrogate, a gloomy voice came from behind Ning Tianxin. "The child in her belly is mine! Do you have any opinions about it?"

Then, Mo Lingtian saw a girl walk out from the shadows. She looked murderous and she even held a huge kitchen knife in her hand.

The thing that surprised him the most was...

This...this girl was...

"Little...little bunny?!"

At this moment, Ning Xi's wig and black-framed spectacles disguise had been taken off, so Mo Lingtian could immediately recognize the person before himas Lu Tingxiao's little bunny.

With the kitchen knife in her hand, the little bunny stared at him sinisterly. It was really frightening.

"Huh, you don't want to take the easy way and barged in the hard way, Mo Lingtian! Accept your death!" Ning Xi said as she raised the kitchen knife and charged towards Mo Lingtian.

"Ah, ah, ah!" Mo Lingtian shouted as he ran. "Hey! What's wrong?! Ning Xi, are you crazy?"

Why had Ning Xi appeared at Ning Tianxin's place?!

Wait, something was not right.

Ning Xi...Ning Tianxin... They both shared the surname.

My God! Crap! Could Ning Xi be Ning Tianxin's cousin?

He really did take the hard route instead of the easy one.

If he had known Ning Xi was here, he never would have come!

Those who did not know her would think she was a little bunny, but after witnessing her valiance many times, Mo Lingtian was about to go crazy at this point.

Now, he was grateful that it was just a kitchen knife and not a gun in her hand.

"Hey! Mo Lingtian! If you're still a man, stop right there!"

"Ning Xi, calm down, let's just talk calmly..."

"Talk, your ass! Go to hell, bastard! How dare you mess with my woman?!"

"Ah! Whoa! You're for real!"

"I'll give you three seconds. Bid farewell to your little brother!"