Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1334

Chapter 1334: Too Small

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Chapter 1334: Too Small

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"What is Lingtian going to do? Could he be forcing the girl to get an abortion?" Kang Shuhui was worried.

Mo Jianzhang unlocked his phone. "I'll have someone stop him right now!"

Kang Wanru could not care about her work ethics too much at the moment. "That girl's name is Ning Tianxin! Brother-in-law, check and see where she stays!"


At the same time, at Ning Tianxin's place, in the kitchen.

"Xiao Xi, how do you know Mo Lingtian?" Ning Tianxin asked.

"He's a friend of my friend's," Ning Xi replied as she was looking through the shelves, then she slowly took out a sharp fruit knife.

Ning Tianxin looked at the knife. "Xiao Xi, you know, I never had any intentions of getting married anyway, so not being able to bear a baby wouldn't really affect me."

"Nope...too small" Ning Xi probably did not hear Ning Tianxin. She looked through again and found a butcher's knife that was twice as long as the fruit knife earlier. She mumbled to herself, "Still too small"

Ning Tianxin was speechless.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

"I'll go and get the door," Ning Tianxin told Ning Xi.

Who could it be?

Ning Tianxin's expression changed when she saw who was outside. "Ling...Lingtian...why are you here?"

He looked like he had rushed over. Mo Lingtian was sweating all over and panting. He leaned one of his arms on the door frame, and his eyes were locked on the girl's face.

Ning Tianxin frowned a little.

Could he know?

No way. It was impossible. She had just found out about it herself not too long ago. No one should know aside from her and Xiao Xi.

Ning Tianxin soon eliminated that possibility as she calmed herself down. "Lingtian, what's the matter? I'm really sorry, I can't ask you in because I have a guest over."

Oh no! Xiao Xi is inside and she's really angry. If she saw Mo Lingtian now, who knows what would happen?

Ning Tianxin wanted Mo Lingtian to leave. "If it's not something urgent, can we talk again someday?"

Mo Lingtian stared at the girl. He wanted to look for a sign in her expression, but she showed nothing.

She had his child. Now that he was in front of her, was there nothing she wanted to say? How could she be this calm? Could his aunt be wrong?

Mo Lingtian was nervous. If he could not clarify this today, he would never be at ease, so he asked, "Is there anything that you want to tell me?"

Ning Tianxin was sure that Mo Lingtian did not know about her being pregnant. She asked with a confused expression, "What?"

Mo Lingtian looked at her stomach pointedly and said, "Are you pregnant?"

Ning Tianxin was dumbfounded, then she reflexively replied, "How did you know?"