Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1333

Chapter 1333: Genes

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Chapter 1333: Genes

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"I'm back." Mo Lingtian walked into the living room unhappily.

It was still afternoon, yet both his parents and even his aunt were home, so he was a little taken aback. "Can you guys like...chill!? Did some random woman come and say that she has my child again?"

Mo Lingtian plopped down on the sofa. "I'm sorry, but my genes aren't that easy to get!"

Mo Lingtian was the only descendant of the Mo family. Everyone in their circle knew his parents were longing for a grandchild, so a lot of women tried to con them, but in the end, all of them proved to be fake.

Mo Lingtian was really careful in this matter, and he was confident of himself.

Mo Jianzhang kicked him off the sofa. "You bastard, kneel down! Your aunt found out about it. The girl didn't come to us!"

Mo Lingtian was used to this already, so he cooperatively knelt down. "Aunt, can you tell me who this woman is then? And can she meet me to talk?"

"I've already gone against my work ethics for you. Now, you want me to reveal the patient's private information? You wish! She came to me for an abortion! Which girl would want to meet an irresponsible guy like you!? If it wasn't for you, I would've helped with her the abortion and let her carry on with her life already!"

Kang Shuhui held onto Kang Wanru's hand firmly. "No way! Wanru, please don't be angry at him! I'm really thankful for you!"

Mo Lingtian pinched his glabella between his eyebrows. "I'm not sure what's going on. You have to let me know what happened, alright? I haven't been fooling around outside!"

His parents glared at him when he said he had not been fooling around outside. They then let Kang Wanru describe what had happened again.

Mo Lingtian's lazy expression became more and more serious until both his hands were on his forehead as if he was thinking hard about something.

"Lingtian, do you remember anything now?" Kang Shuhui asked nervously.

Time passed by slowly

There was just silence in the living room. No one said a word.

Mo Lingtian raised up his head. He had a serene calmness on his face as he tried to hide his great anxiety beneath. He looked at Kang Wanru. "Aunt, the girl's name... Is there"

Mo Lingtian took a deep breath. "Is there a character that's similar to the one in my name?"

Kang Wanru thought about it, then she quickly nodded. "Yes, yes! There's one that's similar in both of your names! The character'Tian'!"

Mo Lingtian...Ning Tianxin

Mo Lingtian's calmness shattered.

Mo Jianzhang's expression darkened. "What now? Did you remember? Is that child yours?"

Mo Lingtian swiftly got up and ran out.

"Lingtian! Lingtian! Where are you going?" Kang Shuhui went out and looked for him, yet Mo Lingtian had already vanished.

Kang Wanru then said, "By the looks of his reaction, it's definitely his."