Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1331

    Chapter 1331: He Didn't Have The Capability

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    With phrases like "a life is at stake" and "grandchild", how dare the Mo family delay any further?

    Mo Jianzhang and Kang Shuhui immediately rushed home.

    Just the word "grandchild" would be enough for them to rush home, even if they were in the North Pole.

    "Wanru, what grandchild are you talking about?! You even said a life is at stake!" Kang Shuhui quickly asked.

    Mo Jianzhang looked over confused as well. He looked at his watch and said, "Wanru, quickly go ahead if you have anything to say. I still have to rush back to the unit later."

    Kang Wanru drank half a cup of her tea before saying, "Today, I was just in the clinic. There was a young girl this morning who camefor a checkup with her sister, and the report showed that she was three months pregnant. She wanted to get an abortion..."

    Kang Shuhui instantly echoed, "Sigh, youngsters these days are terrible. That's a life right there. How could she just abort it? Why didn't they take the necessary precautions at the start!? The worst is the man. He must be a good-for-nothing to not take responsibility after getting a girl pregnant, and even have the girl go to the hospital herself..."


    Mo Jianzhang cleared his throat as he watched the two women started to nag together. "Wanru, you've called us back just to tell us this?"

    Kang Shuhui realized it as well. "Um, right, Wanru. What did you want to tell us?"

    Kang Wanru looked at her sister and her brother-in-law, then frankly said, "Sis, that good-for-nothing man you just cursed earlier is your Lingtian."

    The moment she said that, Kang Shuhui and Mo Jianzhang looked like they had been struck by lightning.

    "Wanru, what did you just say?" Kang Shuhui was stunned for a long while before she found her voice, then said regretfully, "How could our punk have such capabilities!?"

    If he could get a girl pregnant, she would immediately get her to be her daughter-in-law. That way, their family would have descendants, and she would not be fretting as she did now.

    Mo Jianzhang frowned too. "Wanru, I don't know about other people doingthis kind of thing, but it's impossible for our Lingtian to do so! Otherwise, would you see his mother and I be this worried? That punk has remained chaste for that Guan girl. He even told us that if he doesn't get to marry Guan Ziyao in this lifetime, he would never get married, and definitely wouldn't have a child with another woman!"

    When he said this, Mo Jianzhang was filled with fury!

    Kang Wanru knew they would not believe her, so she explained the entire situation to them, "I heard the girl's sister say that Lingtian had forced the girl to sleep with him after getting drunk, and that girl had liked Lingtian for many years. After she realized she was pregnant, she was determined to get an abortion because she knew he liked the Guan family's daughter and did not want to trouble him. It's all because you two have been praying sincerely to the Buddha for many years that this girl coincidentally came to me, and I spent quite an effort in advising her to go home and think it through first!"

    Mo Jianzhang and Kang Shuhui exchanged looks. Both of them were dumbfounded by Kang Wanru's words.