Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1330

    Chapter 1330: Take Responsibility

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    Or was it just coincidentally the same name?


    She had clearly heard the name Guan Ziyao too.

    Mo Lingtian might be just a coincidence, but there was no way that both names could be the same! When she thought about this, that gynecologist instantly seemed incredibly upset.

    Sister and brother-in-law had prayed hard for a grandchild to the point that they were about to donate quite a few temples!

    Yet, Lingtian this punk...

    "This punk! How dare he impregnate a girl and not be responsible?!" Suddenly enraged, the doctor slammed hard on the table and blurted out.

    Ning Xi and Ning Tianxin, who were in the middle of their debate, were been startled by her words. Then, the two of them looked over at the doctor.

    The doctor quickly gathered herself. She cleared her throat and looked at Ning Tianxin. With a much softer tone this time, she advised, "I've just told you regarding the harm and consequences of the abortion. It's not to frighten you, but these sort of things are truly very harmful to a woman's body. Furthermore, you have quite a unique physique..."

    The doctor patiently repeated the risks and possible consequences of getting an abortion, then she continued, "So, child, I suggest that it's best you consider properly before making a decision. Your friend is right, You should get the child's father to be responsible!"

    The doctor clearly emphasized the last sentence.

    "I've already thought it through," Ning Tianxin said with determination.

    She was afraid, afraid that after she left this place, she would not find the courage to make this decision again, so she dared not give herself any leeway to back out.

    This was clearly because she had been triggered by the sight of Lingtian and Guan Ziyao together earlier, thus she was even more determined to get an abortion!

    The doctor was anxious now. She could only firmly and calmly continue to advise, "Based on your current psychological state, if I were to let you do it and you regret later on, who will be responsible for when you cause trouble? In fact, even if you decide to do it, it won't happen today. Appointments are queued up to a week. How about this? I'll arrange the time for you first. Go home and think it through again while you wait."

    Ning Tianxin hesitated slightly, then she agreed, "Well, okay...Dr. Kang, thank you!"

    The doctor had already advised her to this extent, so all Ning Tianxin could do was to leave with Ning Xi.

    After the two girls left, Kang Wanru immediately called a fellow doctor. "Hello, Dr. Zhang. I have an emergency family matter. Could you come over and replace my shift? Yes, yes, immediately!"

    When she was done with the call, Kang Wanru took off her white coat, changed into her regular clothes and then picked up her bag, rushing to leave.

    On the way, Kang Wanru drove to the Mo residence at top speed as she called her sister. "Hello, Sis, where are you now?"

    "I'm at school. What's wrong? Don't you have work today? Why do you have time to call me?"

    "Sis, it doesn't matter where you are. Come home immediately, and call Bro-in-law too!"

    "What's happening? Your brother-in-law is still working!"

    "Is work more important than your grandchild? Quickly come back! I have something important to tell you two!" Kang Wanru spoke with urgency.

    "Grand...grandchild? Wanru, what are you on about?"

    "Just come home, okay? Also, immediately call Lingtian. Have him come home too! A life is at stake!"