Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 133

    Chapter 133: I Choose My Own Path

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    "Evil creature! What is with that look!" Ning Yaohua was enraged.

    Just as he was about to explode, the door to the ward was opened from inside.

    Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu forgot about Ning Xi for the moment, and hurriedly went over. "Su Yan, how is Xueluo?"

    "For the time being shes fine, you can go in and see her." Su Yan looked tired when he answered, thenhe looked solemnly at Ning Xi, who was standing outside the door with a swollen, red cheek.

    Zhuang Lingyu sprang to Ning Xueluos bedside, and checked her from head to toe. "Mummys baby, how are you? Does it still hurt? Where does it hurt?"

    Ning Xueluo smiled weakly. "Mom, Im fine, the doctor said it was only a light injury."

    Zhuang Lingyus heart hurt, and she stroked her hair gently. "You are a girl, how can it be okay for you to have such a big scar! If the sword had gone in a little deeper, you could have died! That damn girl, how can she be so evil! You still call her your elder sister!"

    "Towards me, elder sister" Ning Xueluos expression dimmed, and she forced herself to speak. "Dad, mom, don't blame elder sister, it wasnt her fault, it was a problem with the prop!"

    Ning Yaohua made a cold heng sound. "Silly child, how can you be so naive! That prop was completely fine, how could there have been a problem with it?"

    Then he shouted furiously at Ning Xi, who was still at the door. "Beast, why are you still dumbly standing there? Get yourself in here now and apologize to Xueluo!"

    The indifferent look on Ning Xis face was like an impenetrable mask. "I have nothing to apologize for. If you want an apology from me, fine, get proof. If there is any, even my life Ill give to you."

    Ning Yaohua pointed at her with a shaking finger. "You still refuse to repent even now. The only reason Im not investigating it is to give you face. You wont shed a tear until you see a coffin, is that it? Do you really want to make me lose face?"

    Heh, in Ning Yaohuas eyes, face was always the most important thing.

    Ning Xi laughed coldly. "If I really wanted revenge against her, what you would be looking at now is her corpse, then when would you still have a chance to put on this father and daughter drama?"

    Ning Yaohua banged a table hard. "Don't get mouthy with me! Ning Xi, are you going to apologize or not? If you properly acknowledge your mistake and apologize, then leave the entertainment industry, Ill pretend this never happened, but if you insist on this path"

    "Thank you, Ill choose my own path!" Ning Xi laughed scornfully and waved one hand before she walked way without a backward glance.

    Zhuang Lingyus face was filled with disbelief."Look at her! I absolutely cannot believe I gave birth to such a wicked thing!"

    Furious, Ning Yaohua paced in circles. "Monster! Shes a monster! She makes me so angry!"

    Ning Xueluo anxiously tried to persuade him. "Dad, its fine, don't be angry at elder sister, its not good for your health!"

    "I already let her get away with it last time, but in the end she did this sort of thing, hurting you with her own hands. Next time she might really kill you, I absolutely cannot leave this as it is!"

    "But, Dad"

    "Its fine, leave it to me and dont worry, Ill deal with it."

    "Thats right, let your father deal with it, you focus on recovering. Your father will definitely wrap things up satisfyingly for you!"

    Ning Xueluos eyes turned red as she struggled not to let her tears fall, her face full of gratitude. "Thank you, Mom and Dad, you really don't have to, Im fine"

    Su Yan, who had been silent all this time, patted her shoulder. "Xueluo, you are too kind! But Ning Xi really went too far this time. What Uncle said is right, we absolutely cannot let her do whatever she wants anymore!"