Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1329

    Chapter 1329: Might Be Infertile Forever

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    The doctor was a woman in her forties. She skimmed the report and announced, "You're in your twelfth week of pregnancy. The fetus is currently very healthy. Do you want to keep it?"

    She had probably noticed Ning Tianxin's amiss expression and realized that the person beside her was not a man beside her, but a woman, so the female doctor asked frankly.

    Doctors like herself had witnessed such situations far too many times, hence such a question was a common occurrence.

    "Sis Xin..."

    Until Ning Xi nudged her, Ning Tianxin had been absent-minded. Breaking out of her reverie, she quickly said, "No, I don't! Doctor, can I immediately get an abortion now?"

    Ning Tianxin looked rather impatient as if the thing inside her was unnatural and causing her discomfort.

    The middle-aged gynecologist looked at Ning Tianxin, and her expression instantly turned slightly cold. She had been in this line of work for a long time now, but she felt very strongly against people who wanted to get an abortion.

    Many people had tried so hard to get a child, yet they could not, but people like these behaved completely irresponsibly simply because of the fact that they were young.

    The female doctor spoke coldly, "It's been too many days since conception. There's no use for a medical abortion. We can only do a curettage, which is the only way the job can be done cleanly. I must remind you that this kind of surgery is very harmful to the body. In fact, based on the results of your checkup, your uterus isn't in the best shape. It was initially very hard for your body to conceive, and after getting an abortion this time, I'm afraid the possibility of conceiving another one in the future is quite bleak."

    When she heard this, Ning Tianxin was shocked by the news. "What..."

    She did know that her body was quite fragile, and she would experience extreme pain during her menstruations. She has seen Chinese medicine doctors who declared that she had a weak uterus and that she had to take care of it. She never would have thought the consequences would be this serious.

    Ning Xi was dumbfounded too. "It's that serious?"

    The female doctor replied coldly, "Obviously, I'm telling you the most serious consequence, but it's not meant to just frighten you. The fact that she could get pregnant this time was not an effortless one."

    Ning Xi felt her mouth twitch. Where was the hard part? Ning Tianxin had only done it once and scored!

    However, it was impossible for the doctor to intentionally scare her either. The risk of Ning Tianxin's abortion was indeed quite high, to the extent that she might be infertile forever.

    For this to happen to a woman was really serious!

    There was a dead silence within the consulting room.

    Moments later, Ning Tianxin's hollow voice was heard. "Doctor, please arrange a time for me. The sooner, the better."

    When Ning Xi heard her, she was immediately worried. "Why so soon!? It could have such a serious consequence on your health. We can't be so blas! I must make that man responsible! How long do you want to protect that bastard for?"

    "Xiao Xi, don't mention it anymore..." Ning Tianxin looked miserably in pain.

    Something flashed in Ning Xi's eyes. She frowned and asked, "Let me ask you, is that man Mo Lingtian?"

    When she heard this name, Ning Tianxin's body swiftly turned rigid, and panic flooded her face. Every inch of her body language screamed that she would never have thought that Ning Xi would find out.

    When Ning Xi saw her reaction, she knew she had guessed it correctly and her temper skyrocketed. "What!? I knew it! No wonder you looked miserable when you saw him and Guan Ziyao together earlier..."

    She would never have guessed that the man Ning Tianxin liked would be someone she knew.

    Just as Ning Xi was speaking agitatedly to Ning Tianxin, the two of them had not noticed how the middle-aged woman doctor looked startled when Mo Lingtian's name was mentioned.


    This...this girl's baby is...Lingtian's child?