Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1324

    Chapter 1324: Someone To Rely On In The Future

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    Outside the Ning residence.

    "Xiao Xi, are you sure that you want to give your shares to me?"

    "Aunty, just take it. I don't want anything of the Nings. Of course, I don't want to favor other people. Thankfully, you appeared. I'm just afraid...that these shares will bring you trouble," Ning Xi said worriedly.

    Ning Qiutong laughed grimly. "Huh, trouble? Just their little moves aren't enough trouble for me to pay attention to! If that is so, I won't reject your shares,Xiao Xi. I will accept them. Just focus on doing the things you want to do. I'll watch out on the Ning family's side."

    "Thank you, Aunty!" Ning Xi looked gratefully at Ning Qiutong, then she could not help but ask, "Aunty, you don't want to ask me about what happened back then?"

    Ning Qiutong smiled understandingly. "What's there to ask? I can guess roughly what had happened, but with Ning Xueluo's schemes, you probably lacked witnesses. Now that Ning Xueluo asserts that it's you, plus with Su Yan on her side, you won't be able to clarify matters even if you had 100 mouths! If they don't trust you, there's no use explaining no matter how many times. If they trust you, you wouldn't need to say a word! Don't worry, I trust you!"

    She looked at the experienced yet gentle woman before her and hugged her. Ning Xi felt a mix of emotions rushing. "Aunty..."

    The girl did not say anything, yet Ning Qiutong could sense her emotions. She was heartbroken as she patted the girl's head. "My good child, you've suffered. Don't worry. Ning Xueluo's claws won't be able to stay hidden for long. Your two blur parents will one day regret it," said Ning Qiutong as she sighed on the inside. This child had been holding on for so many years. It was not easy!

    As much as she hated them, what could she do? Of all people, they had to be her biological parents. No matter what she did to them, it would still be her fault.

    As for Ning International, it was the elder's hard work, so she could not touch that.

    It was not easy for the child to persevere till today. Instead of being blinded by vengeance to take the wrong path, she had found her own direction and was even progressing greatly.

    When she thought about this, Ning Qiutong felt happy for her.

    Such a great child, but what had happened to her was just unfortunate!

    Probably because of what had happened back then, especially Su Yan's betrayal, she had been quite traumatized. She had to see if there were any suitable men around. It would be good for Xiao Xi to have someone to rely on in the future. Old Guo had a few young men in his family and they looked pretty alright.


    After she chatted with Ning Qiutong for a while, the two left to go home.

    As she was driving, Ning Xi suddenly remembered something!

    Crap, she had forgotten all about Sis Tianxin!

    When she recalled the odd way Ning Tianxin had acted when she left, Ning Xi quickly called her.

    The phone kept ringing but no one picked up, making Ning Xi worried.

    Damn it, did something happen?

    Ning Xi cursed the mysterious trash man a few hundred times before she turned her car around and drove straight to where Ning Tianxin lived.

    As far as she knew, Ning Tianxin did not live with Ning Yaobang and the rest. She had rented a place outside instead. Furthermore, she had been there once so she remembered the place vaguely.

    Moments later, Ning Xi's car stopped at a slightly dated building.

    These houses were quite some generations old, so they looked rather traditional. Most of them had retro-styled architecture. They held a beautiful and elegant charm in the day, but looking at it at night made it seem a little decrepit.

    Ning Xi parked her car, then rushed to the door and knocked.