Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1323

    Chapter 1323: Decide As Soon As Possible

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    "Ning Yaohua, don't change the topic here. Do you think this is a good reason for lying to the Su family?" Su Hongguang sounded angrier now.

    Ning Yaohua spoke solemnly, "Regarding this issue, please don't worry. I'll definitely give you a satisfactory answer!"

    "Okay, I'll give you three days!" Then, he hung up.


    After he hung up, Ning Yaohua looked rather gloomy.

    Zhuang Lingyu quickly asked, "What's wrong? What did they say?"

    Something flashed in Ning Xueluo's eyes, then she said sadly with a tinge of hopelessness, "Now that Aunty has exposed the whole fiasco, most people have probably taken her word with that powerful influence of hers. Never mind other people. They won't investigate further, but to the Su family, since they've heard the rumors, they'll definitely do a thorough investigation. We can't cover this up anymore. I don't want to deceive them either. Father, Mother, don't trouble yourselves. I'll go break up with Su Yan now..."

    Ning Yaohua's expression turned sullen, and in a strict tone, he asserted, "Xueluo! You're crazy! How can you just say such things?!"

    " this point, instead of letting the Su family raise it, I might as well bring it up myself. That way, I can leave some dignity for myself. Now that I have nothing, I don't match...don't match Bro Yan..." Ning Xueluo spoke as she started to sob sadly.

    "Silly child, don't cry! It's all my fault. When I saw Ning Qiutong appear then, I should've been more alert!" Zhuang Lingyu heartachingly consoled Ning Xueluo who could not stop crying now.

    Ning Yaohua had fallen into deep contemplation. Even though Xueluo had said those words on impulse, it was not all illogical.

    When the elder had set up his will the last time and did not leave any shares for Xueluo, the Su family had already been suspicious. How was it logical to not leave shares to the biological granddaughter but leave some for Ning Xi, the supposedly adopted one?

    It was a lucky thing that Su Yan had probably gone back and spoken to them, which was why they had not said anything, but now there was no way they could explain this.

    Now that Xueluo was not their biological daughter and did not have any shares under her name, forget about having no status if she married into the Su family. The problem now was that the marriage might not even happen.

    Xueluo had worked hard and connected them to the Su family by marriage. if their marriage was called off, it would be a huge loss to him!

    To Ning Yaohua, the Su family's existence was more important than any shares. A huge reason for his firm status on the board of directors was due to the Su family's support.

    Thus, no matter what, this marriage had to happen!

    However, now there was only one way to prove the Ning family's sincerity and raise Xueluo's status. He had to transfer the shares under his name to Xueluo. That way, the Sus would not be able to criticize them!

    Unfortunately, transferring all of his shares to Xueluo was quite a huge decision, and it was hard for him to immediately decide.

    As great as Xueluo was, she was still not their biological daughter...

    Thus, Ning Yaohua fell into a dilemma.

    Moments later, Ning Yaohua took a deep breath and said, "Xueluo, don't worry, let me think it through. Don't act on impulse with Su Yan either. I'll settle everything for you!"

    When Ning Xueluo heard this, something flashed in her eyes, but she continued to look dejected on the surface. She did not nod or shake her head, leaving Ning Yaohua with an ambiguous response.

    In other words, she was forcing Ning Yaohua to decide as soon as possible.