Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 132

Chapter 132: These Were Her Parents

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Ning Xi: ""

Bloody hell, are you a moron, Im putting pressure on the wound, you suddenly push me away, then put on a loving face and watch her bleed out! Are you addicted to soap operas?

If only because it wasnt the right time for it, Ning Xi really wanted to scold him with her hands on her hips.

"Whats going on?!" Guo Qisheng ran over with rage on his face.

Ning Xi knitted her eyebrows together. "I felt something was off after I thrusted the sword at her, the blade didn't bounce back!"

This was a prop sword, the blade should have bounced back automatically when it met resistance. Nobody expected such an accident to happen.

Guo Qisheng was beyond furious. "Where is the props master! Come here this instant! I asked you to double check them a million times to prevent this kind of mistake, what on earth were you thinking!"

The props master stumbled over, sweat on his forehead. "Director Guo, it was fine when I checked it, there definitely shouldn't have been any problems!"

Guo Qisheng threw the script directly in his face and roared, "Then how did this happen?!" Problems kept happening one by one in this production, and he was reaching the limits of his tolerance.

At this moment, Wang Taihe suddenly asked, "Then who was the last person to handle this prop?"

"It it shouldve been Ning Xi. I gave the sword to her after checking it, and she was practicing with it the whole time after that. Its my fault, I should've checked it one more time before shooting!" The props master apologized over and over again.

Hearing this, Ning Xis pupils shrank abruptly. If she still didn't understand what was happening after this, then she was wasting her time in the industry.

In that moment, everyone on set had varying expressions.

Guo Qisheng stared at the props master, and gave Ning Xi a complicated look before finally controlling his temper. "Well talk about this later, get her to the hospital now! Also, block any news about this from leaking out!"

The First Peoples Republic Hospital in B City.

Su Yan was with Ning Xueluo, dealing with her wound inside the ward, while in the corridor outside, Ning Xileaned against the cold wall, her brain spinning.

Ning Xueluo really was the original little white flower, even her ploys were in a class of their own; hadnt she been scared she could have been stabbed to death?

It was a pity that Ning Xi had held back as soon as she had felt something was wrong. The wound wasnt deep, and at most it was a light injury for Ning Xueluo, but the consequences of this incident were going to be very troublesome.

What she needed to do now was to think of a way to prove her innocence

As Ning Xi was contemplating, suddenly she heard the sound of anxious steps.

She had just raised her head when pa, a burning, solid slap landed on her face.

"Brute! How could you do such a thing to Xueluo! If you want to hate someone, hate me! I was the one who made her stay in the Ning family, I was the one who loved and pampered her! What wrong has Xueluo done?" The person raved hysterically at her, and looked at her as if they were sworn enemies.

Ning Xi wiped away the blood on her mouth, and raised her headto look steadily at the elegant, luxuriously-dressed lady before her her mother.

Behind Zhuang Lingyu stood Ning Xis father, Ning Yaohua, who was wearing a similarly hateful look. "If Xueluo is badly injured, I wont let you get away with it!"

As soon as they had arrived, these two in front of her, one her biological mother and one her biological father, had hit and threatened her without even asking what had happened at all.

Ning Xi had so many malicious things that she could say to them to make them foam at the mouths, but in that moment, she felt like she had been drained of all energy. She didnt say anything, and only looked at them with cold eyes.