Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1318

    Chapter 1318: Is She Any Nobler?

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    "Xueluo, what's this? Is your aunt crazy? She actually said Ning Xi is the real lady of the Ning family, and that you got mixed up with Ning Xi?" Ying Fanglin asked in bewilderment.

    Ning Xueluo squeezed her nails into her palms and said sadly, "I don't know why Aunty's saying that either..."

    Ying Fanglin and Jin Xuanxuan looked at each other, only believing half of Ning Xueluo's words. There were just too many irregularities in this situation...

    "I apologize for disrupting everyone's mood. I hope that everyone will have a pleasant night. Next time, I'll organize a banquet to make it up to everyone!" Ning Qiutong finished flawlessly, then she led Ning Xi to leave, leaving a shocked crowd, and an anxious Ning Yaohua and his wife.

    Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu would not just let things go. They would want to bring this up to the elder.

    Obviously, Ning Qiutong let Ning Yaohua and the rest tell one side of the story, then she had quickly brought Ning Xi to the Ning family's old residence.

    Coincidentally, it was time they clarified about tonight's incident!

    "It's already late at night. What's everyone making so much noise for?" The elder looked angrily upon the commotion in his house.

    It was not only Ning Yaohua and Ning Qiutong; even Ning Yaobang who loved chaos had come too. He had already received news about what had happened. Ning Qiutong had actually publicly announced Ning Xi and Ning Xueluo's mix up, while Ning Yaohua and Ning Qiutong had gone against each other. What a show! Obviously, he would rush over to watch!

    Zhuang Lingyu was going crazy with fury. 'Father, why don't you ask what your niece has done?! Ning Qiutong has gone too far! She didn't even greet us and even brought Ning Xi to Mingyuan Technology's cocktail party without our permission tonight."

    Ning Qiutong sneered, "Without permission? Sis-in-law, watch your choice of words. It's my freedom to bring whomever wherever I like. There's no reason for me to report what I do to you."

    "Shut up! Ning Xi is my..."

    "Mmm? She's your what?"

    Zhuang Lingyu took a deep breath. "Don't change the topic!"

    Then, she looked to the elder and spoke again, "Father, it's fine if she brought Ning Xi to the cocktail party, but she even announced there that Ning Xi is my biological daughter, saying that Ning Xi and Ning Xueluo have been mixed up!"

    Ning Yaohua spoke up too, "Father, Qiutong has really gone too far this time!"

    The elder's gaze swept across everyone, then he said, "How's that overboard? Qiutong was just telling the truth!"

    "Father..." Zhuang Lingyu immediately cried out in defiance.

    Ning Xueluo's eyes were filled with gloom in that instant as well.

    "Enough, don't fight anymore. Even though it wasn't the best time to do it, this should've long been announced. I've already given you both such a long time to prepare, for you to settle it well, yet what did you have to show? Do you want to wait for the day that I die before I can see Xiao Xi come back home?" The elder stomped hard with his walking staff, furious.

    Zhuang Lingyu roared, "Father, you might be a little too biased! Now that Qiutong has caused such a commotion, how's our Xueluo supposed to go on? What would others think of her?"

    Ning Qiutong scoffed, "Then, why don't you think about Xiao Xi, whom you've titled as the adopted daughter, and how she's been living her life? What others think of her!? What's wrong? Xiao Xi can suffer, but she can't? Is she any nobler than anyone else?"

    As she continued to be rendered speechless by Ning Qiutong, Zhuang Lingyu finally could not hold back and ran over. The situation turned into instant chaos...

    Ning Yaohua quickly went up to hold her back, not bothering about his strength either. Ning Qiutong was almost elbowed by Ning Yaohua. At last, he was flung away by Ning Xi by the wrist, then she pulled Ning Qiutong to protect her behind her...

    " unfilial child! How dare you do that to your old man?!" Ning Yaohua only felt pain shoot up his wrist amidst his hot anger.