Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1312

    Chapter 1312: I'll Give You $ 1 Billion

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    The day she had chosen to enter the entertainment industry, Ning Xi was already mentally prepared.

    These sort of occurrences were common, and the situation before her now could merely pass as a small case.

    Had it been in the past, she might have chosen to keep the peace, but today, she was here with Ning Qiutong. If she did nothing and let this man get away with it, Ning Qiutong would be humiliated.

    In fact, before she said this, she had already secretly asked one of the hotel employees to get her Ning Qiutong.

    Now, she just needed to deal with this for a while. She just had to delay it for a while till Ning Qiutong rushed over.

    " billion? Bitch! You're messing with me, aren't you?!" The beer-bellied man suddenly flew into a rage.

    Ning Xi innocently said, "Sir, I'm serious, or else, you could try finishing the drinks and see if I'm messing with you!"

    When she finished, everyone roared with laughter again.

    "This young lady is quite interesting, aye!"

    "She is! She's pretty and quite smart!"


    Ning Xi was obviously speaking boldly because she knew Qian Caijun would definitely not drink up.

    "You...stop talking nonsense here! Are you drinking or not?!" There was a viciousness in Qian Caijun's eyes. How could he be willing to let it go now that he had been humiliated by a woman in front of hundreds of watchful eyes?

    Actually, based on the situation, many people were already on Ning Xi's side. Even if Ning Xi was an adopted daughter and a female celebrity, Qian Caijun's tactics were just stooping too low.

    Instead, Ning Xi's neither servile nor overbearing ways of handling the situation received many praises.

    Still, Qian Caijun had quite some influence in Imperial. He had a brother in politics, which was why no one dared to offend him either. They only silently sighed about the girl's unfortunate luck.

    Qian Caijun continued on incessantly, while Ning Xi continued to delay the time as well. Not too far away, a pathway had suddenly opened in the midst of the surrounding crowd.

    The white-haired man that she had been avoiding earlier was passing through the crowd and walking towards her and Qian Caijun.

    Ning Xi's attention was suddenly heightened, the grade one warning bells in her head ringing.

    What was this guy trying to do?

    When the others saw Yun Shen walk over, all of them subconsciously looked over too.

    "CEO Qian," greeted the man when he stopped in front of Qian Caijun.

    When Qian Caijun saw Yun Shen, his expression changed and he instantly sobered up. "C-CEO Yun!"

    He did not think that Yun Shen would take the initiative to talk to him. Qian Caijun quickly wiped his hand on his shirt and held it out. "Nice to meet you! I've long made an appointment to meet you, but you attend to a myriad of affairs every day. Truly a busy person..."

    Qian Caijun was not sure the reason Yun Shen had suddenly walked up to him, but he just quickly brownnosed him.

    Yun Shen did not offer his hand in return, but Qian Caijun did not care either. He had completely forgotten about Ning Xi and continued to eloquently dive into his proposal, "CEO Yun, if you invest in my project, you definitely won't lose. You don't have to worry about relationships with the government's side either."

    Before he could finish, the handsome white-haired man said to him, "It's not an issue to invest."

    Qian Caijun instantly looked delighted, "CEO Yun, you're saying..."

    Ning Xi was nervous too, on standby to deal with any unexpected circumstances.

    With everyone's attentive eyes on him, Yun Shen said slowly, "Well, I don't have any other hobbies. I just like watching people drink. If you can finish all of this wine, I'll give you...$ 1billion!"