Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 131

Chapter 131: An Accident Or Not

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Seeing he had come, Ning Xueluosexpression instantly turned coy. "Its your fault, you wore me out!"

"Hey, you were the one who came on to me!" Su Yan said helplessly. He lifted the plastic bag he was holding in one hand. "I bought chicken congee so that you can recover your strength since youre always complaining youre tired!"

"Dont tease me!"

The second scene was a follow-up to the previous one, and was a fight in the bamboo forest.

Shangguan Yingrong thought that Meng Changge had become a demon she wouldnt listen to anything she said. After a short hesitation, she was ready to kill her on the spot to avoid any future trouble.

After being instructed by the stunt director for over two hours, the two persons were finally more or less ready.

At first, the director had been prepared to use stunt doubles, but Ning Xi was good at martial arts, and had even been a stunt double for other people before, so she certainly didn't need it, while Ning Xueluo also said she wanted to do it herself.

Naturally, Guo Qisheng also wanted a better film effect, so he agreed.

The professional stunt master helped the two of them into the wire rigs, and checked them many times to make sure that there was no risk at all. Then the shoot started.

"Meng Changge is dead." Shangguan Yingrong closed her eyes, and said it with pain and regret.

Standing before her was just a beautiful and dangerous shell, a lethal weapon which would destroy the world.

In the next second, the eyes of Shangguan Yingrong became violently murderous, and she swiftly drew the long sword from her waist and attacked Meng Changge

Meng Changge seemed to have already anticipated her move, and her stance was calm and leisurely. It was only when the sword was a hairs breadth away from her nose that she glided backwards like a bird, her arms spread and her toes brushing the ground, rapidly retreating to avoid Shangguan Yingrongs attack.

Shangguan Yingrong snorted coldly and brandished her sword again.

Meng Changge took her time avoiding her attack, like a cat playing with a mouse. Finally, she drew out a sword that had been tucked into the waistband of her red gauze dress at the back, and moved to retaliate aggressively.

After more than ten moves, Shangguan Yingrong was gradually getting pushed back, and several times had almost been knocked off the branch by Meng Changge.

Even if Shangguan Yingrong was very good, before Meng Changge, who had killed thousands of troops in the past, she was just a child.

Shangguan Yingrong thought too highly of herself, and thought that Meng Changges skills had deteriorated after living in the palace for so long. By the time she helplessly realized that she had underestimated her enemy, it was too late.

In the end, Meng Changge had had enough of playing around. With a cold gaze and the might of ten thousand armies, she thrusted the sword at Shangguan Yingrongs chest


It was the sound of a sharp weapon piercing flesh.

Shangguan Yingrong clutched her chest painfully, and like a broken paper kite, fell from the top of the bamboo sea

The next shot was a close-up of Meng Changge. Guo Qisheng was watching Ning Xis expression attentively, and realized that something wasnt right.

"Ning Xueluos hurt! Save her! Quick!" Ning Xi, who was still hanging in the air on wires, suddenly shouted.

There was a stunned moment before the staff reacted to the fact that this wasnt a line from the script. Ning Xueluo had really gotten hurt!

The scene instantly turned chaotic, and everyone gathered around Ning Xueluo.

After getting Ning Xueluo down, Ning Xi hastened to press down on the bleeding wound. "Call an ambulance, quickly!"

Just then, her body was suddenly and violently pushed to one side. It was Su Yan, who had run over in fright. He held Ning Xueluo tightly in his arms. "Xueluo! Xueluo, are you alright?"

"Brother Yan it hurts"

"Don't be afraid, Im here! You'll be fine! Youll definitely be fine"