Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1307

    Chapter 1307: Someone She Liked For Many Years

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    This goddamn woman! The person that Father and Mother recognized was her. She was the lady of the Ning family!

    She had already followed her father's wishes and sucked up to her by stooping to compromise, yet that woman had never been nice to her. Worse still, she had brought Ning Xi to attend such an influential occasion today. Clearly, it was meant to make her look bad!

    "What's up, Ning Xueluo? Why's your aunt so close to that village girl?" Ying Fanglin frowned.

    Ning Xueluo forced a laugh. "I'm not sure either. I don't know why but my aunt doesn't seem to quite like me. She's rather close to Ning Xi instead."

    Jin Xuanxuan chimed in, "You're just too innocent. How could you beat that woman?! She's an Iron Lady, a female version of Zhuge [1]! Your aunt's company is quite huge, and your uncle, Guo Wenbo, is doing quite well abroad too. Of course, Ning Xi would be scrambling to get such a huge support system!"

    Ying Fanglin pouted indifferently. "What Iron Lady? What female Zhuge [1]? I think Ning Qiutong's head's not working. Isn't she afraid that people would laugh at her for being so nice to an adopted village girl?"

    "I'm telling you that this hillbilly has tricks! She's only been in Glory World Entertainment for less than a year, yet she has defeated Su Yimo. In fact, thoroughly uprooted her! Now, the entire Glory World Entertainment is under her rule!" Jin Xuanxuan spoke exaggeratingly.

    When she heard this, Ning Xueluo looked even more upset.

    Even though she was the number one young beauty in Starlight Entertainment, there were still many experienced big shots above her. Some had top-class international resources and opportunities to appear in Hollywood blockbusters. It was not her turn to rise to such fame yet at this point.

    On the other hand, it was different for Ning Xi in Glory World Entertainment, which was famous for their famous rookies, but they lacked big shots. Without Su Yimo, this rookie, who had been personally hired by Lu Jingli, managed by golden manager Ling Zhizhi, and even recognized by Lu Tingxiao at the anniversary celebration had "The World" as a solid foundation, and again, she rose to fame with "Dream Chaser". Was she not at the height of her limelight!?

    Now that Su Yimo was gone, Glory World Entertainment would definitely elevate her as the number one actress, and all of the opportunities would go to her first.

    To say that Glory World Entertainment was now under her rule was not quite an exaggeration.

    It was a good thing that Ning Xi's current status was still far from entering the international market. Then again, she could not let her continue expanding like this.


    After Ning Qiutong brought Ning Xi around to meet the prominent people in the circle, she stopped when she was satisfied and called Ning Tianxin over. They chatted as they ate.

    However, Ning Tianxin looked absent-minded throughout the conversation, glancing at her phone every now and then.

    "Tianxin, are you dating now?" Ning Qiutong teased.

    Ning Tianxin immediately blushed. "No, Aunty, don't tease me!"

    Ning Xi blinked. "Mmm, you keep looking at your phone. Could you be waiting for that man you have liked stubbornly for many years?"

    Ning Tianxin was stunned and her cheeks turned even more scarlet. It looked like Ning Xi had guessed correctly.

    Ning Xi seemed like she had expected this. She snorted, "I knew it was him!"

    Her cousin was not the usual kind of stubborn. She would not look at others no matter how well they treated her. Her loyalty lay with only one man, and his every action preoccupied her mind. Although he had only given her a leaf, that single leaf had been treasured by her for many years.

    Ning Xi indicated her admiration for this unwavering loyalty. Every time she looked at her, she saw her old self...