Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 130

Chapter 130: After I Die Comes the Deluge[1]

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At dusk, in a sea of bamboos.

Two women stood opposite each other, one in a gorgeous red dress and the other in a flawless white dress.

Shangguan Yingrong had a solemn expression on her face. "Meng Changge, you can be forgiven for taking revenge over your brothers death, but just killing Princess Xian wasnt enough for you, do you want to destroy the world as well?"

Meng Changges long red sleeves fluttered like flames in the wind, and she looked contemptuously at the person before her, as if she was looking at an ant. "It was my Meng family who lay the foundations of this world to begin with, so what if I destroy it?"

Hearing this, Shangguan Yingrong was outraged. "You you are so unreasonable! You were also a general, and you protected the land. Why are you being so narrow-minded now? Are you really willing to see everything burn in the flames of war and let the people suffer for the next hundred years?"

Her black hair dancing in the wind, Meng Changge lowered her eyes to stroke her delicate, long fingernails, and said in a mad tone, "After I die comes the deluge"

"Perfect!" Guo Qisheng was so excited that he didn't know what else to say.

Ye Ling Long had specially visited the site for todays scene. When she was done watching, she breathed a sigh of relief, and felt reassured. "Actually, in this movie, the role which I put my heart into writing the most was not Shanguang Yingrong, but Meng Changge. And from the beginning, I didnt set Meng Changge up to be a villain. Whether she is righteous or evil will be up to the audience to intepret it. And how the audience interprets it all depends on how the actress performs. If she cant perform well, shell be the big villain that is hated by everyone, but if she pulls it off, this role will have great depth!"

Ning Xi was obviously the latter.

Guo Qisheng was very excited, and said in a confident tone, "I have a feeling that Ning Xi will win an award for this role!"

Wang Taihe also nodded his head repeatedly. "Shes a good prospect. Starlight lost Jia Qingqing, but Ning Xi emerged, what a huge gain!"

"Cut! Great! Take a break, and we'll continue with the next scene!"

Again, the scene was completed in just one take, and Guo Qisheng, who had been feeling gloomy because of Jiang Muyes sudden departure, immediately felt a lot better.

After returning to the lounge, Ning Xueluo called her assistant over as soon as she sat down. "What were the director and the rest of them talking about?"

The assistant was about to say something, but stopped, as if she didnt know how to say it.

"Were they praising Ning Xi?" Ning Xueluo sneered.

The assistant nodded. "Director Guo said Ning Xi acted perfectly, Writer Ye said Ning Xis acting was so good that she had turned Meng Changge into a righteous person. Producer Wang also praised Ning Xi, mainly saying that her future development would be better than Jia Qingqings. And Director Guo even said"

"What did he say?"

"He even said that Ning Xi could win an award for this role" The assistant said weakly.

Ning Xue banged on the arm of her chair. "Big words! To win an award nowadays you also need backing, can you get awards just like that? So what if she gets an award, itll just be for the best supporting actress, and it would be for supporting me!"

The assistant agreed with everything she said. "What Sister Xueluo is saying is right! Shes acting the part of a vixen, how can she compare with you! The audience is not blind!"

Ning Xueluos face softened a bit, but the cloud between her eyebrows still didnt disappear. She lowered her voice. "The matter we arranged before, we can carry it out now!"

The assistant cried out, and then hurriedly covered her mouth. "Are we really going to do it? But it's too dangerous! If you"

"Dont talk rubbish, just go and do what Ive told you to do!" Ning Xueluo looked impatient.

"Got it. I'll go and tell that person"

At this moment, Su Yans concerned voice came from behind. "What's wrong, Xueluo? You dont look very well?"