Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1290

    Chapter 1290: He Was Jealous

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    The director beamed happily. "Great, it's a great work of art, especially the carvings on the pot, marvelous! I didn't expect that you could make that!"

    Luo Fan seemed to have investigated Mai Huaian's interests and had given him a purple handmade clay pot.

    The others greeted the director as well, but they all felt a little uncomfortable upon seeing Luo Fan's behavior.

    Then again, it was an undeniable fact that this guy was excellent at what he did. Not even a professional manager was up to par with him. It was said that he handled his own working schedule, job arrangements, and public relations.

    Han Yuncheng glanced around, then asked, "The female lead isn't here yet?"

    Qin Ran chuckled, "Director Ye, are you still trying to hide it now?"

    Ye Ying smiled. "Of course not, she's already here!"

    "Really? I don't see her, Director Ye. Is she invisible?" Qin Ran teased her.

    Ye Ying laughed, "She can't be invisible, but she can transform herself!"

    Qin Ran then asked curiously, "What do you mean?"

    Luo Fan realized what was happening. "Could it be...Ning Xi?"

    Everyone then looked at Ning Xi's direction.

    Ning Xi blinked her eyes innocently. "Me?"

    Ye Ying nodded. "That's right! We actually wanted to invite another person as the female lead, but on the last day of our meeting, we all decided that you're the most suitable person,Ms. Ning!"

    Ning Xi thought about it. One person serving as two characters. It was quite an interesting idea.

    As for the others, while they were surprised, they did not have any objections as they did not have any conflict of interests with a female artiste like Ning Xi.

    Although it was pretty easy to forget that she was a female.

    It was a big opportunity for her. "Thank you for the opportunity, Director Ye. I'll do my best!"

    "I saw 'Dream Chaser'. It was really great! You handled the characters well in both male and female outfits. I'm sure you can do it in this ad!"

    Ye Ying spoke more casually with Ning Xi now. They even talked about the plot of the movie.

    Jiang Muye was used to this already, but he accidentally saw Mo Yuxiu secretly staring at Ning Xi and felt like his gaze did not look right

    Jiang Muye was way too familiar with eyes like these.

    This guy...was jealous?

    He was put through such torture, yet he still liked Ning Xi?

    How miserable!

    Jiang Muye suddenly felt that he shared the same fate as him

    At the same time, inside the CEO office, Lu Jingli pestered around for some time but Lu Tingxiao did not move an inch. "You know who's the female lead for this advert? It's Xiao Xi Xi! It's Xiao Xi Xi! She's going to be in a relationship with six beautiful men"

    Lu Tingxiao suddenly puthis pen down and stood up.

    Lu Jingli was relieved. "You finally realize the severity of the issue! Thank God I didn't waste my time trying to convince you for the past half an hour!"

    Lu Tingxiao glanced at Lu Jingli. "You're too noisy."

    Lu Jingli was speechless.