Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1285

    Chapter 1285: The Calm of A First Wife

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    Ning Xi sat with her legs together and held her chin, apparently hopeless.

    Bloody hell! She knew that God would not let her have an easy life!

    Here came her romantic misfortunes again...

    Jiang Muye's eyes were full-on wide, but moments later, he remembered the rumors about Mo Yuxiu and did not find it odd anymore.

    Jiang Muye pinched the space between his brows and lowered his voice to say angrily, "You really think you're a maiden savior, don't you? Going all around to do God's work and causing a bunch of these troubles for yourself... I'll see how you deal with it later! Not everyone is as nice as I am!"

    Ning Xi sighed. She had been living like a walking corpse back then. There was nothing she was afraid of. Naturally, she would do as she wished, but who would have thought that she would be where she was today?

    Jiang Muye'sfeatures softened when he saw her worry and sigh. He then asked with concern, "After you returned to China, have you seen a psychologist? It's fine overseas since no one knows you, but did you mess around when you return?"

    Ning Xi shook her head as she recalled, "Dr. Smith told me that I completely recovered the moment I decided to return."

    Jiang Muye was slightly relieved, roughly understanding Dr. Smith's meaning.

    To Ning Xi, when she had a goal and the motivation to live, it was roughly the same as gaining a new life.

    "Later on, when I was in one of my moods, I would change my outfit and go clubbing a few times, but that's when I wasn't famous yet, so it wouldn't affect much," said Ning Xi.

    Jiang Muye thought about it and felt that he had asked too much.

    She now had Lu Tingxiao as her "psychologist". She was living the high life and would not even need any doctor.

    As they discussed this, Jiang Muye suddenly went closer to Ning Xi and looked delighted as he asked, "What's up with you and Mo Yuxiu? Quickly tell me!"

    If that guy was worse than him, he would at least feel consoled!

    Ning Xi slapped Jiang Muye's hand like it was meaningless dust and said, "Men and women should not get too close. Watch your image."

    Jiang Muye looked at everyone else who were busy doing their own thing and said, "Watch out, my ass! Look, who here is treating you as a woman?"

    Ning Xi was speechless.

    Okay, although all of them saw her and Jiang Muye with their arms around each other, everyone was extremely calm. No one felt like it was odd.

    "Quickly tell me!" Jiang Muye urged impatiently.

    Ning Xi's mouth twitched. "You're such a busybody. Almost more than your Second Uncle!"


    At the same time, in Lu Tingxiao's office,Lu Jingli flew in swiftly and bedazzlingly. "Bro! Your wife's about to be gone! How are you still sitting here?!"

    An extremely familiar line.

    Lu Tingxiao looked up from his stack of documents at Lu Jingli, then continued to work seemingly at ease.

    This kind of calm belonged to the first wife.

    Besides, he had already stuffed the wife with an incredibly sweet candy earlier.

    Lu Jingli was worried as he observed while the involved remained calm. "Hey, bro! Don't ignore me! It's very serious this time! First class alert! No, special class! Six! Xiao Xi Xi will be working with six exquisitely handsome men who are all attractive in their own ways!"

    Lu Tingxiao still did not react.

    Lu Jingli was anxious. "Xiao Xi Xi's ex-boyfriends cover the entire entertainment industry. What if there's one of them among the six!? Oh no, there's already one -- Jiang Muye. What if there's another one?!"