Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1284

    Chapter 1284: If Heartache Can Be Exchanged For My Dearest

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    Jiang Muye watched Lu Tingxiao's figure enter his office and felt his mouth twitch. This Lu Tingxiao came right on time, did he not?

    Did he have to watch her so strictly to even be wary of girls?

    Without the female employees obstructing them, Ning Xi and Jiang Muye walked towards the advertising department.

    Jiang Muye looked at Ning Xi and muttered, "Ning Xiao Xi, you've now become a hen-pecked male, haven't you?"

    Ning Xi shot him a side look with raised brows. "Gladly!"

    Jiang Muye gritted his teeth. "Who said that year that they would be unruly and love the freedom? Now, look who's been locked down? Won't your conscience be hurt?!"

    "If my heartache can be exchanged for my dearest, then I'm willing to be hurt even a hundred times over!"

    Jiang Muye was speechless.

    He hated his mouth!

    He had already been attacked so much. Why did he still have to raise this issue with her!?

    As Jiang Muye and Ning Xi spoke and passed by Lu Tingxiao's door, Lu Tingxiao seemed to need something and walked out, coincidentally overhearing their conversation. His cold eyes instantly shone as dazzlingly as the splendid blazing sun...


    Jiang Muye and Ning Xi had just stepped into the department when they saw a few people already in the room.

    On the genuine leather sofa, there was a man on each end. In a classic athleisure attire was Qin Ran, and the one listening to his own music with his earphones was Han Yuncheng.

    The two of them looked extraordinarily handsome. Both full-on pretty boys, they were once the main singers of a popular boy band, CMT, then they had a falling out after flying solo. They took the teen idol pathway and had always been rivals. By the looks of the atmosphere here, it was indeed as tensed as the rumors were said to be.

    On the wooden chair by the window, there was a kindly, handsome guy in awhite T-shirt with a book in his hand. He was holding his head and very focused on reading. It was Luo Fan from Starlight Entertainment!

    The last one wore a leather jacket and was chewing gum. His hair was gelled and only highlighted his reckless and crazy demeanor. It was Li Lekai from Speedy Entertainment

    Tsk tsk tsk...

    At the door, when Ning Xi saw this scene in the room, even she could not help but exclaim to herself. It was indeed a feast of suave men!

    She was afraid that in the whole of China, only the Lu Corporation had the influence to gather all of these people together.

    In terms of popularity, Ning Xi had only risen in popularity recently, but those who sat here, including Jiang Muye, had all been famous for a while now. Every one of them had their own cult of die-hard fans who could stir up trouble and would evenclimb a mountain of swords or plunge into a sea of flames for them.

    However, Qin Ran, Han Yucheng, Luo Fan, Li, two, three, four, plus her and Jiang Muye, there were only six people. It looked like one more had yet to arrive.

    "Ning Xi, Muye, you're here too! Please have a seat! Wait for a moment. When Mo Yuxiu arrives, then we'll begin!" Ye Ying courteously greeted the both of them.

    When Ye Ying finished, Ning Xi was stunned.

    Mo...Mo Yuxio?!

    Did she hear wrongly?

    "Ning Xiao Xi, what's with this expression of yours?" When they found a place to sit, Jiang Muye noticed Ning Xi's odd expression and could not help but ask.

    Ning Xi massaged between her brows as she had a headache, and she looked incredibly gloomy like she had just been struck by bad luck.

    Jiang Muye frowned. "You know Mo Yuxiu? What dispute do you have with him for you to look like this?"

    Ning Xi shot Jiang Muye a look.

    Jiang Muye got goosebumps. "I'm just asking. Why are you looking at me like that for?"

    Ning Xi had an expression that said "counter soldiers with arms, water with an earth weir". She said weakly, "Well, there were some disputes in the past. The situation between Mo Yuxiu and I is quite similar to yours and mine..."

    Jiang Muye was flabbergasted. "What?! Mo Yuxiu is your ex-boyfriend?!"