Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 128

    Chapter 128: A Real Eyesore

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    Ning Xi put down the script in her hand and looked at him with calm composure. "Very well, I want you to dump Ning Xueluo at the birthday party tonight. Compared with the humiliation I suffered back then, you only need to dump her. Isnt that very kind and considerate of me?"

    Su Yans face paled slightly. "Xiao Xi, this"

    "Ning Xi! How could you " Ning Xueluos tearful voice suddenly came from behind her.

    Ning Xi crossed her arms across her chest and said in a leisurely tone, "How can I what?"

    Ning Xueluo looked at her with anger and pity. "You hate me so much because you still can't let go of Brother Yan, and I stole him from you! But how can you be so selfish to use this despicable tactic to tear us apart! Brother Yan doesn't love you at all, what's the point of you doing this?"

    Seeing that Ning Xueluo was getting too agitated, almost as if she was gasping for breath, Su Yan hurriedly patted her on the back. "Xueluo, calm down, Im sure it was a careless remark, and Xiao Xi didnt mean anything by it"

    Ning Xi smiled widely as she watched the two people act out a life and death scene. "I didnt say it carelessly, unless what you said just now about doing whatever I want was your careless promise!"

    "Brother Yan, look at her! Weve begged her sincerely for forgiveness, but what does she do! She makes things difficult for us again and again! You wont really agree to such a brazen request, will you?" Ning Xueluo looked up at Su Yan with a face full of panic and helplessness.

    "Silly girl, how could I" Su Yan touched her head, then looked sternly at Ning Xi. "Im sorry, Xiao Xi. I cannot agree to this request!"

    Ning Xi finally stopped playing around and sneered with fading interest. In the next second, her eyes were like blades. "Then get out of my sight."

    "Ning Xi, what is with your attitude! If there is fault, then it was my fault, and has nothing to do with Brother Yan. How can you treat him like that?" Ning Xueluo stood up for Su Yan as if defending him from injustice.

    Ning Xi clapped her hands as she applauded them. "Your feelings are so touching, they can move people to tears! So, Ning Xueluo, you must be willing to do anything to atone, and youll do anything for Su Yan, right?"

    Hearing her words, Ning Xueluo frowned. Who knew what trap this woman had dug for her? But she could only have one answer for this question: "Of course! Now what do you want?"

    Ning Xi deliberately mused for a long time, and under Ning Xueluos watchful gaze, said, "If thats the case, Su Yan doesnt have to dump you. You just need to give up the identity of Eldest Miss Ning in the capital and go back to Tang Village in Chunfeng Town to be Tang Xueluo, then all the debts among the three of us will be settled. How about it?"

    Ning Xueluo widened her eyes as if she had heard something extremely terrible, and she shook her head wildly. "No you cant! Ning Xi, how can you be so cruel! How can you force me to leave my father and mother, to leave the place where Ive lived for more than twenty years. I"

    Ning Xi impatiently waved her hands to interrupt her. "Enough, enough. Your acting is so bad, just stop, its a real eyesore! Ive already told the two of you to stay as far away from me as possible, but youre the ones who keep coming to me to ask for forgiveness over and over again, even swearing youll do anything I want. And when I do tell you, you still give me an expression that says Im so ruthless, so shameless, so unreasonable!

    Heh, what reparation? You make it sound so nice, but youre only willing if its a measly act of charity which doesnt harm your own interests! The fact that you don't think youre being hypocritical is sickening! So I can only give you two words. Get. Lost!"