Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1279

    Chapter 1279: Its All Over

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    "Your...your Ning Xi? How's that possible? How could it be Ning Xi? Impossible! This is impossible!" Su Yimo mumbled to herself as she shook her head in denial.

    Zhao Meixin's expression darkened and she fell to the floor.

    Oh my God!

    Everything had gone wrong! So wrong!

    When she saw that the person who had opened the door was Lu Tingxiao, her first reaction was that she had gotten the room number wrong. She did not expect the waitress to tell the truth!

    The room number was not wrong. It was Ning Xi's room number, but the man the waitress mentioned seeing was Lu Tingxiao!

    The rumored girlfriend of Lu Tingxiao...was Ning Xi!

    From what Lu Jingli revealed the other day, they had been together for a very long time.

    No wonder Lu Jingli had recruited Ning Xi personally and got Ling Zhizhi to manage her.

    No wonder Lu Tingxiao appeared at the anniversary celebration this year.

    No wonder after Lu Tingxiao had rejected Su Yimo, the dance partner randomly picked had been Ning Xi.

    Zhao Meixin felt that she was going insane. What made her fear the most was that since Ning Xi knew about their plans, then Lu Tingxiao must have known about them too!

    Lu Tingxiao's sudden appearance here must be because of this!

    They had actually tried to set up Lu Tingxiao's woman and intended to frame her with the pervert Sun Zhanpeng.

    It was over

    This time, it was completely all over

    Zhao Meixin was quivering in extreme fear. She knelt down wobbily. "Ning Xi...Ms. Ning! I didn't do it on purpose! It's all Su Yimo's idea! She said to give you to Sun Zhanpeng. She called the media. I was just following her orders! Please forgive me,Ms. Ning!"

    Zhao Meixin almost wanted to strangle herself right there and then. She had been blind! She had been helping the fake lady boss all along, and even helped her to frame the real one!

    Lu Tingxiao was not an ordinary businessman. Five years ago, he had settled the chaos from within the Lu Corporation. He then pushed the Lu Corporation to the peak and made it into an international brand in just five years!

    Eliminating a person like her was as easy as squashing an ant

    Su Yimo was dumbfounded. She did not expect Zhao Meixin to betray her and even pushed all the responsibilities onto her. She could not care any less about her image anymore, so she yelled at her, "Zhao Meixin! I'll break your mouth! You're the one who planned to use Mr. Lu. You planned everything tonight and now you're pushing the blame on me"

    She was exasperated! Why was she not Lu Tingxiao's woman? She might be able to accept it if it was someone else, but why Ning Xi!? Why was it always Ning Xi!?

    Su Yimo regretted that she had tried to frame Ning Xi. If the incident tonight had not happened, she could still be a celebrity, but it was too late now

    As the both of them argued, Lu Tingxiao looked impatient.

    Soon, several bodyguards in black suits appeared swiftly. They then quickly took the two women away