Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1274

    Chapter 1274: Karma

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    After she finished the call, Liang Biqin was really glad. She felt excited when she imagined Ning Xi on the bed with the disgusting Sun Zhanpeng, and as she thought about the pictures of her on the bed appearing on the headlines the next day, she felt extremely relieved!

    Because of this witch, she had been criticized harshly. Even her ad was being snatched away!

    Liang Biqin put her phone away. As she was about to leave, she heard the door behind her open. Someone was pulling on her arm,and before she realized what was happening, she was already inside the room

    Bang! The door closed.

    Liang Biqin was confused. When she realized what was happening, it was already too late. A thick arm tossed her onto the bed roughly. There was thesound of garments ripping and she felt pain in her lower region...

    Aside from Ning Xi's drink, they had actually drugged Sun Zhanpeng's drink as well. It was several doses stronger than usual. At this moment, Sun Zhanpeng had lost his mind and was crazily expending his energy on Liang Biqin.

    What had gone wrong?

    Liang Biqin could not even scream. As she was struggling, a slap rendered her unconscious

    Outside the door, Ning Xi heard the man howl with a satisfied grin.

    Checking up on your bad deed? Time for your karma!

    Ning Xi went to the reception and got herself a new room, then she sent the new room number to Lu Tingxiao.

    At the lobby, the waiter who drugged Ning Xi drink saw her, his face full of shock.

    Was that not...Ning Xi? She was supposed to be in the room with Sun Zhanpeng... Why was she here?

    Su Yimo walked around her room with delight after she heard Liang Biqin's call. Finally! Finally, she could take her revenge!

    "Have you called the media? Have them come tomorrow... No! No! Have them come now! I heard from Biqin that they're already doing it! Let the Vice President and the other partners see how promiscuous this woman is!" Su Yimo said.

    Zhao Meixin was relieved and she smiled. "Rest assured, I've made arrangements. The media will be here in half an hour!"

    Only Ning Xi would receive the backlash in this matter. It would not affect Sun Zhanpeng at all. In fact, it would just be another notch on the bedpost for him.

    Tonight, shenot only done Sun Zhanpeng a favor, she had also destroyed Ning Xi and could make people forget about what had happened before. Killing three birds with one stone!

    Zhao Meixin was really thrilled. She told Su Yimo, "Yimo, you're such a genius for thinking of this brilliant idea. Do you want to go and have a look later?"

    Su Yimo sipped some red wine. "Sure, of course, we have to be there!"

    At the same time, Ning Xi was already in another room. Lu Tingxiao would only arrive sometime later, so she took a shower first.

    When she was done showering, the doorbell rang. Ning Xi put on her bathrobe, then she opened the door while drying her hair.

    At the door, Lu Tingxiao felt a little nervous when he received Ning Xi's message about changing rooms. He straightened up when he saw Ning Xi in her bathrobe