Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1272

    Chapter 1272: Ill Go And Get You

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    A few days later, at a holiday resort in Imperial, the Vice President of Glory World Entertainment had organized a dinner. He invited numerous investors and partners to attend the function.

    Of course, there were several famous artistes there, and Ning Xi was one of them.

    Usually, important dinners like this would be a competition among the top artistes. Ning Xi would surely not be able to have this chance, but Xu Yidong had invited her specifically. Apparently, he wanted her to be more prominent now.

    As for Su Yimo, the incident from the anniversary night had died down a little, so after some thought, Yi Xudong still invited her in the end. They had invested too many resources on her and could not just let it go to waste.

    Throughout the night, the investors, who were usually focused on Su Yimo, had been putting their attention on the rising star, Ning Xi.

    "I didn't expect that Ms. Ning would look even more beautiful than she does in themovies!"

    "I was wondering which artiste was so amazing to turn a few million dollar project into $ 3 billion revenue! It's your artiste after all, Mr. Yi!"

    " wonder CEO Sun couldn't forget about her!"

    "Haha, it's normal for a gentleman to like beautiful ladies!" Sun Zhanpeng touched his chin and looked at Ning Xi with a wicked gaze.

    Usually, he would have laid his hands on his victim already, but he was oddly civil tonight although he could not hide the wild intentions in his eyes.

    He had been hinting to Su Yimo that he wanted to have a taste of what Lu Tingxiao's woman felt like, but she had rejected him. Now that everyone realized she was totally unrelated to Lu Tingxiao, he had wasted all his resources spent on her earlier.

    Oh, well, that woman promised him a big "gift" tonight!

    Recently, Yi Xudong had been facing immense humiliation because of Su Yimo, but now that he saw that Ning Xi was being highly praised by his partners, he felt pleased. "Ning Xi sure has potential, but of course, it was all thanks to everyone's support! I hope that our relationship can still continue!"

    When Ning Xi first returned, she was not really used to events like these, but now she was able to handle it perfectly. She shared a toast with Yi Xudong. The way she carried herself was great as well, so Yi Xudong was very contented.

    Liang Biqin stared at Ning Xi while stabbing the piece of beef on the plate with her fork. Su Yimo remained silent with hatred in her eyes.

    Wait until the whole world sees your nude pictures with that disgusting old man Sun Zhanpeng! I'll see what you will do then!

    If this big news blew up, her embarrassing incident at the anniversary would soon be forgotten

    "I'll go to the washroom!" Ning Xi left her seat politely.

    Liang Biqin then hinted to the waiter near her. The waiter nodded and he refilled the drinks in Ning Xi's glass. At the same time, he mixed in some powder from his palm without anyone noticing

    In the washroom, Ning Xi's phone rang. It was Lu TIngxiao.

    Ning Xi's mask was removed instantly. "Hello"

    "Is it over?" The man asked.

    "Nope, but it should be soon!"

    "At Dragon Leap Club?


    "Let me know when you're done. I'll go and get you."