Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1256

    Chapter 1256: Breathtaking

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    Time flew by. In the blink of an eye, it was Glory World's anniversary celebration.

    That day, after the company meeting, Su Yimo had put word out to the entire entertainment industry to shun Ning Xi.

    Su Yimo was Glory World's big shot after all, so she had quite an influence in the entertainment circle. Together with the covet for her popularity, Ning Xi's work stagnated and she almost lost the right to join in the celebrations.

    At last, it was only after Su Yimo had spoken to Vice President Yi Xudong that Ning Xi was allowed to attend.

    It was such an excellent opportunity for her to get Ning Xi to open her eyes wide and see clearly for herself who had the final say in this industry!

    Glory World's annual celebration was extraordinarily grand every year. Furthermore, the big boss was attending the function this year, thus Vice President Yi Xudong had put in tremendous effort to make the grand ceremony lavish, and had even invited all the influential media.

    To boost Su Yimo's status in the entertainment industry, Zhao Meixin could not let go of today's great opportunity. She had intentionally slipped to the media beforehand that Lu Tingxiao was attending the event for Su Yimo, and in fact, might even publicize his relationship with Su Yimo today.

    When they heard that the legendary CEO of the Lu Corporation would attend, all of the media could not wait to witness it. Entrance tickets were hard to come by. Besides, there was such controversial gossip making its rounds in the industry. How could they not be excited?

    Tonight, Su Yimo donned the brand that she was a spokesperson for. She wore a custom-made white, long gown that cinched her waist and swelled into a fishtail train. She was extraordinarily charismatic, winning stunned gazes and continous compliments.

    For Su Yimo to have achieved the status she held, it would be wrong to say that she was incompetent at all. A textbook example was how her signature cold and elegant goddess look had been used thoroughly to the point of perfection. Even though many fans were quite tired of her one-dimensional image, there was still a huge crowd of die-hard fans who digged it.

    As soon as Su Yimo stepped onto the red carpet, cameras flashed and did not stop.

    After she signed on the autograph wall, Su Yimo was immediately surrounded by many reporters.

    "Yimo, you're so beautiful today! Only you can bring out Chanel's 'Goddess' Wings' this well!"

    "Yimo, todayisGlory World Entertainment's fifth year anniversary celebration. Do you have any reflections you'd like to share with us?"

    "Yimo, we heard that CEO Lu of the Lu Corporationwill also be here today, and we heard that you're in a close relationship with CEO Lu privatel. Is this true?"


    "Ah... That's..."

    As the media was trying to worm facts out of Su Yimo one after another, someone suddenly looked towards the door and exclaimed.

    All the reporters who were surrounding Su Yimo turned to stare at the door and their eyes glazed over...

    At the end of red carpet, Ning Xi stood wearing an extremely lavish black gown. No one could be sure what was used to create that gown, but the threads were light as flowing water, and the gems embellishing it were akin to the Milky Way. The mysterious motifs released a strong vibe of presence no one could ignore.

    Even though Ning Xi wore this extremely breathtaking outfit, as incredibly elegant as it was, her own charisma was not drowned out by it at all. In fact, she looked like the queen of all beings...

    Moments later, the stunned crowd started to exclaim.

    "Too...too beautiful!"

    "Who...who's that woman?!"

    "Ning Xi! It's Ning Xi! Oh my God! I almost couldn't recognize her!"