Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1255

    Chapter 1255: Final Say In This Industry

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    At Glory World Entertainment, after the meeting ended, because Vice President Yi Xudong had announced the news about their CEO coming, everyone was excited.

    "My God! Will CEO Lu really come? I've worked at Glory World for five years and I've never seen the Big Boss!"

    "At least, I've seen him once at some event!"

    "How was it? How was it? Is he really as handsome as the rumors say? How's he compared to our Second Master?"

    "Of course, he's handsome! He's so handsome that my knees went weak with just one look! He can't be compared to the Second Master because they're two entirely different types!"


    The few crew murmured amongst one another as they looked at Ning Xi pitifully.

    "Ning Xi is so sad. She just became popular but it'll all be over soon..."

    "Who told her to shoot to popularity so quickly, and even hit Queen Su in the face?! I heard that she initially had an endorsement with the Lu Corporation, but one word from Su Yimo changed the spokesperson to Liang Biqin. In fact, Ning Xi shouldn't even think about being the spokesperson for any of the Lu Corporation's brands anymore."

    "What? This is so sad! Will the next step be a complete ban?"

    "I think it's over for Ning Xi. Don't you see that CEO Lu is personally coming over to support Su Yimo?"

    "Hey, I suddenly thought of something. Do you think CEO Lu is going to go public about his relationship with Su Yimo at this year's anniversary celebration?"


    On the other side, after the meeting ended, Ning Xi turned off the silent mode on her phone and suddenly saw a message from the devil.

    She quickly opened it and only saw five words on the screen.

    Cabbage Lu: Wait for me to come home.

    When Liang Biqin walked past Ning Xi, she intentionally bumped her hard on her shoulder, but Ning Xi was steady. Not only did Ning Xi not move, Liang Biqin had instead staggered from the recoil andhad to be held steady by Zhao Meixin.

    Liang Biqin shot Ning Xi a disgusted look and scoffed with an arrogant attitude, "Ning Xi, if you kneel before me now and apologize to me, maybe I could forgive you once and let you go on living in the entertainment industry."

    Su Yimo watched Liang Biqin insult Ning Xi in public without any intention to stop the action.

    Ning Xi held back the fuming Xiao Tao and put her phone away before shooting Liang Biqin a sideways look as she smiled indistinctly. "The exact same words apply to you. Every dog will have his day, Ms. Liang. Allow me to remind you that it's not yet certain who has the final say!"

    The moment Ning Xi blurted out these words, almost everyone gasped.

    This Ning Xi was so gutsy! Was she crazy? How dare she say those words in public?

    Ning Xi finished and spun on her heel to leave, ignoring everyone's reactions.

    After Ning Xi left, Liang Biqin finally realized how arrogant all the words Ning Xi had just uttered were. She was so mad she almost burst a vein. "Cousin! Look at her! Obviously, the lesson this time has not made her reflect on her shortcomings! How dare she say such arrogant words in front of you to provoke you?!" Liang Biqin said with gritted teeth, then she lowered her voice and said into Su Yimo's ear, "Cousin, when are we doing it? I've already thought of a few good plans for you. I guarantee to kill Ning Xi in a hush-hush manner!"

    Su Yimo smiled coldly. "Do I need a plan to deal with her?"

    Liang Biqin was stunned for a while. "Uhh, Cousin, you're saying..."

    At this moment, Zhao Meixin grinned wryly. "Biqin, with our Yimo's identity, to deal with a witch like Ning Xi only requires one word. There's no need to go through so much trouble!"

    Liang Biqin instantly brightened up. "Right...look at me being all silly!"