Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1247

    Chapter 1247: How Does It Feel To Live Off A Woman?

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    After the show finished recording, Ning Xi had especially cooked a few dishes for the audience and her fans present as an Easter gift. This made all of the girls extremely excited and they offered themselves for marriage. At last, even a few shy boys had walked up to confess their love for her.

    In the empty resting room backstage, the moment the door closed, Ning Xi was engulfed by a kiss...

    When he saw the "I love you" on the dish, he had already wanted to do this...

    "Mmm, angry?" Ning Xi thought Lu Tingxiao was jealous of the fans' reactions.

    "I'm not," Lu Tingxiao replied.

    Ning Xi raised her brows. "You sure?"

    A sigh followed by a passionate kiss fell on her lips again. "Only I can do this to you."

    She was speechless. Okay, she could not argue with that...


    In front of the TV station, it was not convenient for Ning Xi to leave with Ke Mingyu, so the two of them went home separately.

    "Keke, I'm leaving now!"

    "Mmm, stay safe." Ke Mingyu watched the girl leave in her car.

    After Ning Xi left, Ke Mingyu was about to leave too when suddenly someone walked over to him.

    Chen Hanchen had stopped beside him as he lit up a cigarette, then smiled indistinctly at him with an insulting tone, "Ke Mingyu, how does it feel to live off a woman?"

    Ke Mingyu looked at Chen Hanchen and was not as angry and annoyed as he expected. Instead, he replied expressionlessly, "Not bad."

    After he said the two words, the man left in his car.

    Chen Hanchen stood in his original spot and only returned to his senses moments later. Then, he threw the cigarette butt in his hand away and looked so furious that his handsome face was distorted.

    To a man, being accused of living off a woman was definitely the worst insult, hence he had intentionally said this to embarrass him. Who would have thought that he would react like that instead?

    After he got into his car, Chen Hanchen remained on the verge of exploding with fury.

    Cheng Yanan quickly tried to console him, "Hanchen, why are you being petty with such people? He's already alright with living off a woman. Could he have any more shame?"

    Chen Hanchen was young and fiery after all, so he immediately roared, "Which part of me is lesser than Ke Mingyu? Why would she be willing to spend the effort to help that weakling instead of giving me a second look?"

    Cheng Yanan cleared her throat. could not be just explained in a few sentences. Besides, who asked him to keep going against her when the two of them were shooting the movie? He had just let someone else get the advantage over him...

    However, she obviously would not just say that to provoke this prince's anger, so she soothed him instead, "Hanchen, I think you might be overthinking. Ke Mingyu is now signed with Glory World, so Ning Xi just wanted to help him. The last time, you asked me to get Ning Xi over to Fashion, didn't you? It's actually not possible..."

    "What do you mean?" Chen Hanchen immediately asked.

    Cheng Yanan continued, "Actually, I already heard that...Su Yimo will do something to go against Ning Xi soon. She probably won't stay at Glory World for long..."

    "Ning Xi is so popular now. There's no way Glory World won't want to profit. Is Su Yimo really all that powerful to make Glory World give up on a popular A-lister?" Chen Hanchen asked uncertainly.

    Cheng Yanan shook her head. "You don't know... Forget about a popular A-lister, even if it's a really experienced A-lister, if Su Yimo wanted you out, you're out..."

    "What do you mean?"

    "Do you know whose woman Su Yimo is?" Chen Yanan said with a sly expression.


    Cheng Yanan showed one finger and pointed upwards. "Lu Corporation..."

    Chen Hanchen frowned. "Lu Jingli?"

    Cheng Yanan shook her head, then she continued with a tone that seemed to be terrified every time she mentioned his name, "Not Lu Jingli, it's...Lu Tingxiao!"

    "What?!" Now, even Chen Hanchen's expression changed.