Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1217

    Chapter 1217: When Girls Become Handsome

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    When they saw the artist they liked recommending a movie late at night, alll her fans were curious.

    [Whoa! She actually recommended a movie! And it's a local production too! Didn't she say she wouldn't watch another local production anymore the last time?]

    [Oh my God! I went to search the "Dream Chaser" trailer and the female lead is handsome AF! The plot is quite interesting too! I must go check it out tomorrow!]

    [Me too, me too, me too! Coincidentally there isn't anything I want to watch recently, if she recommended it then it must be great!]


    The female artists' boyfriend's statuses were usually all lovey-dovey. Tonight, he had surprisingly posted something related to the movie.

    [Tonight, I watched a movie called "Dream Chaser", the female lead is super cool. Although it's just makeup, she could interchangeably be both a goddess and Prince Charming. Actually, when girls become handsome, there's really not much use for men anymore! Especially after watching "I Only Like You", I strongly recommend everyone to watch "Dream Chaser". You'll know for yourself that it cannot be compared...and that it reigns supreme *spreads hands*]

    This status update included two photos, both of which were taken from the movie. One was the female lead in a woman's attire and the other was her in a man's outfit.

    As for the two schoolgirls, they lived just near the cinema and had already decided to watch it again for the second and third time on another day. Of course, they had also highly recommended the movie in their respective online communities too.

    Similar situations also happened to many members of the audience who had randomly chosen to watch this movie. Even though there were very few who came to watch on the first day, almost everyone who did had started to promote it by word-of-mouth after watching it. Just like a tiny spark with a huge effect, the greatness that was "Dream Chaser" had quietly spread to every corner of Imperial.


    After the movie finished, the woman in thechampagne dress left the hall expressionlessly. She walked away quickly as she made a phone call. "Hello, Assistant Manager Zhang..."

    "Manager Fang! It's rather late, is there anything you need me for?" On the other end of the phone, a man's respectful voice was heard.

    "What's the current screening frequency for "Dream Chaser"?" The woman asked straightforwardly.

    "Dream... Dream Chaser?" On the other end, the person could not instantly recall which movie she was referring to.

    "Chen Mian's new movie," the woman reminded.

    "Ah! Director Chen's new movie?" The other person finally recalled. "Hold on, let me check... Oh, found it. It's about five percent!"

    The woman frowned. "So low?"

    The man quickly explained, "Director Fang, you probably don't know. Even though this movie was directed by Chen Mian, it's only a small production with a few million dollars in investments this time. It used an entire cast of new faces. The only person with past experience in movies is the female protagonist who's also acting as a lead for first time. Without any big shots, the likelihood of being the talk of the town or a huge multi-national, it definitely can't hold up at the box office. This five percent was only done for Chen Mian's sake..."

    "Have you watched this movie?" She demanded.

    The person was taken aback by her abruptness. "Well, I didn't, but I've definitely taken into account all aspects..."

    As a professional, when they arranged the screenings, they would have a basic estimation before the release and prior todeciding on the number of screenings.

    However, everyone cared about the public's interest nowadays. Almost nobody would truly watch a movie for its content anymore.

    When the woman heard that, she just instructed, "Make the screening frequency for this movie 60 percent tomorrow!"