Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 121

    Chapter 121: Gatecrashed a Tycoons Party?

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    "Is there a woman in this whole country who doesn't want to sleep with Lu Tingxiao?" Ning Xi retorted.

    "Well, all the women in this country want to sleep with me too, but you didnt!" Jiang Muye blurted out.

    Ning Xi raised her voice as she said, "How do you know I didn't?"

    Jiang Muye was taken aback, then his ears instantly flushed red.

    In the next second, Ning Xi let loose a "puchi" sound as she laughed aloud.

    Jiang Muye realized that he had been tricked, and got angry. "Ning Xi! Stop right there! Im not done with you!"

    If not for the other people around them, he would've already gone all out against her.

    Realizing that she had finally really pissed him off, Ning Xi quickly waved her hands and ran off to the restroom.

    Ai, she really had drunk too much tonight, she loved to tease people when she was drunk, especially Jiang Muye that bonehead.

    After using the restroom, Ning Xi wobbled her way back, but there were so many turns in the hotel corridors, and it took her a long time to finally find the room.

    But when she opened the door, she stared dumbly

    The room was full of strangers. Further more, it was clearly bigger and far more sumptuous than the room the production team were using. To describe it as gold and jade in glorious splendor 1 would be putting it mildly.

    "Sorry, wrong room"

    After apologizing, Ning Xi was about to leave when a fat, oily hand suddenly grabbed her wrist, then a mouth stinking strongly of alcohol almost touched her face. "Aiya, where did this little lost lamb come from? This must be fate, how about staying and have a drink with us!"

    That man who had grabbed her wrist and refused to let go was probably in his late 40s. He was very fat, his cheeks were flushed red, and his eyes were filled with lust as he looked her up and down as if she was naked, his gaze finally stopping on her chest

    The room instantly filled with mocking laughter.

    At first, Ning Xis instinctive reaction was to throw him over her shoulder, but as her gaze swept across the room, she realized that there were many faces which often appeared on the covers of financial magazines. She looked more carefully, holy shit, half of the top ten tycoons in the capital were here

    What were the chances, this was like a little eunuch blunderinginto the throne room in the middle of morning court after taking a wrong turn!

    In short, there was no one in this room she could afford to offend, so Ning Xi immediately withdrew thoughts of violence.

    It looked like it would be hard to get away tonight, it just had to happen when she had had too much to drink and was still dizzy.

    "Come come come pretty girl, come in quickly!" That fatty dragged her into the room, not forgetting to grope her at the same time.

    With great effort, Ning Xi broke free of the fattys hand, and said apologetically, "Excuse me sir, I really did walk into the wrong room, I have friends who are still waiting for me!"

    Hearing this, the fatty suddenly became furious. "You slut! You clearly entered the wrong room on purpose, whats the use of pretending to be innocent? You should consider yourself lucky that Ive taken an interest in you!"

    Ning Xi cursed silently; a top ten-ranked tycoon had this sort of character?

    She recognized this fatty as the tenth and at the bottom of the ranking. He was the CEO of Feng Rui Real Estate, Zhu Xiangcheng, and was known as an especially lecherous person.

    That fatty reached out to grab her again, and seeing that he wanted to pull her down onto the sofa, Ning Xi racked her brain for a way to escape. At this moment, there was a sudden weight on her shoulders. From behind her, a familiar aura, as cold as a glacier, wrapped tightly around her

    Then the weight on her shoulder pulled her to take a step back with great but gentle strength. In the next second, she was already in a pair of strong and warm arms

    1. gold and jade in glorious splendor is an idiom to describe something that is utterly luxurious and magnificent.