Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1199

Chapter 1199: Spending Money Recklessly

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"Hahaha...then I'll wait for you!" The auctioneer howled.

Very quickly, Zhao Haisheng put down his phone and smiled apologetically, "The wife says that it's too expensive, so we won't bid on it further. Please continue!"

"Madam Zhao is indeed a good wife!" The auctioneer concluded, then looked to CEO Sun. "What about you, CEO Sun? Would you like to continue?"

"$ 56 million!" Sun Zhanpeng looked at Ning Xi as he said as if he was trying to brag about his wealth to the beauty.

"$ 56 million! CEO Sun bid $ 56 million! The two Mr. Sus', would you like to continue?" The auctioneer's eyes shone as he looked at the brothers, Su Yan and Su Xun.

Su Xun looked miserable. He had reached his limit. If he continued to bid, even if he managed to get it, he would have suffered a great loss just for this vindication! His remaining supporters would also have opinions about his irrational behavior.

At last, Su Xun could only gloomily say through gritted teeth, "I forfeit my bid!"

The entire crowd sneered at him and Ning Xueluo looked at him with ridicule too. He was just a bastard child, yet he wanted to fight with Su Yan for the limelight. How funny!

Because the contest in this auction was so intense, Xiao Tao was getting frustrated in a corner. Due to her anxiety, she had forgotten all about her anger earlier as she pulled on Ning Xi's sleeve to ask, "Sis Xi, who do you think will win this crown?"

Ning Xi was bored stiff as she yawned. "Who knows? It has nothing to do with us anyway..."

What charity banquet? She was done watching all these so-called rich tycoons and public figures pretending to be cool.

She might as well just donate the money directly to those who need it, but this was how it was in the industry. One had to put up a show. Even if she had privately donated a lot and done tons of charity, others would not know about her deeds or praise her. Nevertheless, of course, she did all those out of her conscience and did not need any praise.

The maximum threshold of the bid was $ 60 million. They were probably about to determine the winning bidder soon, so Ning Xi packed up her bag and was ready to leave to catch up on sleep.

Xiao Tao was still mumbling to herself excitedly, "Even though I really wish it wasn't him, I've already predicted that it would be won by Su Yan in the end. Before this, Ning Xueluo already said that she was here for the crown... Furthermore, the Sus are so wealthy..."

The moment she said that, Su Yan jumped the gun and shouted, "$ 60 million!"

"S-sixty million?!" The auctioneer's eyes flew wide. "Mr. Su has bid for $ 60 million! Would anyone like to continue? CEO Sun, do you want to continue? CEO Sun?"

Sun Zhanpeng was red in the face. He did not say anything for a while. Obviously, this price was way more than what he could swallow.

It was not that he could not pay for it, but as a businessman, even if he wanted face, he would not spend $ 60 million for such a trinket.

The auctioneer knew that such a high price was very rare, so he knew it was time to end the auction and he shouted out, "Mr. Su,$ 60 million once!"

At this moment, there were already sounds of admiring exclamations, congratulatory remarks, and praises off-stage...

"They are the Su family, after all. Indeed, he who has wealth speaks the loudest! Even Sun Zhanpeng declared that it's game over!"

"Ning Xueluo is terribly lucky. If someone would spend so much money to buy me a crown, I would really wake up from my dream laughing..."

"Congratulations, Master Su! You really went all out for your belle!"

"It's not all out. This small sum of money is like a drop in the ocean for Master Su!"

"Hahaha, you're right..."

"Remember to invite us to your wedding banquet!"


Su Yan humbly responded to everyone's praises. Truthfully, he also let out a sigh of relief as he knew in his heart that $ 60 million was his maximum. If Su Zhanpeng continued to bid, he would probably not be able to follow.

However, as he listened to the crowd's compliments, he felt a great sense of satisfaction, while Ning Xueluo intimately clung on to his arm and beamed sweetly at him.

On the stage, the auctioneer started his second confirmation, "$ 60 million, twice!"

"$ 60 million...thrice!" As these words fell, the auctioneer raised the auction mallet in his hand high. Once the hammer fell, the auction would be complete.

The entire crowd held with bated breath to watch, waiting for the hammer to fall.

Unexpectedly, as the auctioneer's hand fell halfway, in the silently tense air, from the inconspicuous corner behind, a card with the number "8" was slowly raised up.

"$ 100 million!"