Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1196

    Chapter 1196: Such A Dumb Backup

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    When Su Yan saw CEO Sun bid, he looked upset and his hand inched up to raise the card, but the back of his hand had been expressionlessly covered by Ning Xueluo.

    At this occassion today, many people knew about the dispute between them and Ning Xi. If Su Yan helped Ning Xi, who knows what gossip might come out of it?

    Ning Xueluo quickly said, "Bro Yan, don't worry. Based on Ling Zhizhi's way of working, there will definitely be someone else to help Sis from her side..."

    Su Yan temporarily suppressed his impulse. However, when he saw CEO Sun's salivating demeanor that he did not even bother to hide, an irritation remained in his heart.

    "CEO Sun called for $ 100,000! Anyone else?" The auctioneer asked.

    "$ 100,001!"

    From a seat in the corner where there was no light, a person had indistinctly raised his bidding card.

    "Pfft...$ 100,001? This is hilarious! You don't bid like that!"

    "They only added one dollar!"

    "Who's that?"


    The host did not know whether to laugh or cry either, but the person had not gone against the rules, so he could only continue, "The man from number eight bid $ 100,001!"

    CEO Sun frowned and raised his card. "$ 200,000!"

    Number eight continued to bid, "$ 200,001!"

    CEO Sun gritted his teeth. "$ 300,000!"

    Number eight continued, "$ 300,001!"

    The competition between the two of them attracted sneers from the crowd. "Hahahaha... This is cracking me up! Who's this number eight? Could it be Ning Xi's backup?"

    "This backup is so unprofessional! Who raises prices like this? How embarrassing!"


    Ning Xi's mouth twitched. "Number our backup?"

    Xiao Tao's face was stunned for a moment, then she shook her head like a rattle-drum. She replied emotionally, "No way! Why would Sis Zhizhi hire such a stupid one? I've just called, but I'm not sure why I suddenly couldn't contact our guy! I don't know who this guy is either! Damn it! Could it be Ning Xueluo's person slotted in to cause trouble? It must be! This is too much!"

    Xiao Tao was about to explode from anger.

    Ning Xi thought things were a little weird instead, so she turned slightly to look at number eight, but it was just too far and she could not see clearly who the person was.

    At last, even CEO Sun was unwilling to continue bidding so embarrassingly, so he just gave up on bidding. Naturally, no one else would not bid as well. At last, Ning Xi's jade bracelet had been bought by number eight with the price of $ 300,001.

    The original price of Ning Xi's bracelet was thirty thousand$ 300,000, and the bid had just nicely exceeded it by one dollar...

    Everyone looked at Ning Xi with condescension. "I told you! Adopted children are like that! She's even worse at getting a backup! They actually bid like that! How hilarious!"


    "Those from the village really don't know much! To hire a backup and not wanting to spend too much! This is how it will turn out! It's understandable, understandable, hahaha..."


    Ning Xueluo turned to look at Chang Li delightedly and lowered her voice to say, "You arranged for this person? Good job!"

    Chang Li had finally done something right!

    Chang Li was actually confused. She did not know where this number eight had popped up from, but when she heard Ning Xueluo put it that way, she did not deny and just smiled along.