Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1195

    Chapter 1195: Want To Attempt Courting Her

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    "Ms. Ning Xi has acted in Director Guo's popular ancient costume film, 'The World' with our Xueluo. She was the second female lead, Meng Changge, in the film, and the audience was very fond of her character," the auctioneer briefly introduced Ning Xi.

    "The World" had indeed been a hit, yet she still had to be compared to Ning Xueluo as one female lead and one supporting role, making her future seem bleak. Almost no one in the celebrity circle knew this artiste who played the role of a co-lead.

    After the auctioneer finished the introduction, Ning Xi stood up and greeted everyone.

    When they saw Ning Xi in person, many of them exclaimed and gasped in surprise instead.

    "Yo! Since when did we have such an exquisite woman in the circle? She's damned pretty!"

    "There are many beautiful female celebrities in the circle, one after another are coming in. Could you possibly catch them all?"

    "This is different! This one is really beautiful! Look at that body...Has she only gotten secondary roles so far? It looks like she's not taken!"

    "What? CEO Sun, are you thinking of something?"

    "Hehe, I am..."


    Of course, there were many in the circle who recognized Ning Xi too. The few socialities beside Ning Xueluo started to discuss when they saw her.

    "Isn't this Ning family's adopted daughter?"

    "Ning family's adopted child? You mean the one they brought back from the village?"

    "Yeah! The last time, I saw her at Elder Ning's birthday banquet. I'm sure it's her!"

    "No way! Such a huge change? Back when I first saw her years ago, it was still Xueluo's coming-of-age party, and she was so unsophisticated that she even wore an imitation outfit..."

    "I heard that she was chased out of the family for stealing Xueluo's boyfriend and seducing Su Yan, then she got plastic surgery elsewhere and now uses her vixen face to enter the entertainment circle! This chicken wants to become a phoenix. Why don't you take a piss and look at yourself?"


    "Okay, everyone can begin bidding!" The auctioneer said.

    Unfortunately, the moment he said that, the crowd had weirdly quieted down. Suddenly, no one bid anything.

    On such an occasion, there definitely would not be a situation whereby no one would bid, unless...someone had intentionally manipulated the results in the dark...

    Xiao Tao gritted her teeth. "I knew someone would intentionally play such a trick. It's a good thing we're well prepared!"

    "Prepared with support?" Ning Xi leaned in to ask.

    Xiao Tao nodded. "Exactly, to prevent such situations! I'll immediately inform him!"

    To avoid this sort of awkward situations whereby no one would bid, or to intentionally raise the bid, many people would prepare some backup. That's exactly what Ling Zhizhi had already prepared in advance.

    Xiao Tao was just about to inform their people to act when someone suddenly raised their card in the crowd. "One dollar!"

    At this juncture, the crowd instantly burst into laughter.

    Someone had bid one dollar. Who was it?

    The auctioneer broke into laughter too. "Number 17, CEO Qian's dollar! CEO Qian is quite humorous..."

    CEO Qian was also the tycoon that had bid most vigorously when Ning Xueluo's bracelet was auctioned.

    "Hey! Such a bully!" Xiao Tao was furious. CEO Qian was definitely Ning Xueluo's fan!

    Thankfully, at this moment, another CEO bid, "$ 100,000!"

    "Number 39! CEO Sun bids $ 100,000!" The host looked at the plump middle-aged man not too far away.

    When the crowd heard CEO Sun helping Ning Xi out, all of them looked on with a thought. Everyone knew that this infamous pervert was just playing the hero saving the beauty card. He was obviously interested in Ning Xi's beauty and wanted to attempt courting her...