Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1192

    Chapter 1192: Next Time I'll Go For Sure

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    "Sis Xi, what are you looking at?" Xiao Tao asked suspiciously.

    Would that guy come to such a charity banquet?

    Is this a joke?

    Ning Xi shook her head. She decided to forget it. "Nothing, let's go!"

    Currently, Ning Xi wore Spirit's clothes for many occasions. Because this occasion was more important, Ning Xi did not choose a ready-made piece and went for a high-grade bespoke design instead.

    Han Momo had initially urged her to wear the store's highlight piece, but Ning Xi refused to. With her current identity, she could not pull off the highlight piece, whether it was Luoshen or Beings, but there would be one day when she would need it.

    Ning Xi walked in and bumped head-on into Ning Xueluo.

    The piece on Ning Xueluo was obviously the highlight piece that History had just announced the day before.

    With Ning Xueluo was Su Yan. Ning Xueluo wore a long gown embellished with handcrafted flower petals that looked like they came from the fairytale Garden of Eden. It complemented her entire pure and innocence, while by her side,Su Yan wore an elegant white tuxedo. It made him look as gentle as a jade. The two of them looked like the ideal couple.

    "Xiao Xi, you're here too!" Ning Xueluo obviously recognized the outfit on her. "Are you wearing Spirit today? It looks really detailed! Bro Yan, don't you think so?"

    The last time Ning Xi had gone to the Ning residence, she had worn Spirit's clothes as well. She had then been scolded by Zhuang Lingyu and Ning Yaohua for helping outsiders.

    If the last time had been a coincidence, Ning Xi donning Spirit's outfit again this time could be said to have been completely intentional.

    Ning Xueluo had also deliberately said these words while looking sad as part of her performance for Su Yan.

    However, Su Yan, who was usually attentive, had not noticed Ning Xueluo's feelings. Instead, his gaze fell upon Ning Xi.

    Ning Xi wore a white Oriental long gown with blue and red embroidery. The gradual change in the embellishment of colors, the embroidery of corals, and the translucent gentle chiffon made her look as if she was surrounded by a magical aura...

    The person before him was within reach, yet it made him incredibly distant from her like she could not be touched...

    This feeling made his heart tighten...

    Su Yan only returned to his senses after a while. He nodded and said, "Mmm, it's very nice..."

    Ning Xueluo had probably noticed the absent-mindedness in Su Yan's gaze too, and a coldness flashed across her eyes before she smiled slightly and held onto Su Yan's arm to say to Ning Xi, "Xiao Xi, apart from celebrities donating items for the charity auction today, there're quite a few organizers who have prepared auction items for the event climax too. One of it is a crown called 'Queen'. I fancy that especially and Bro Yan said he'll get it for me to use for the wedding... Ah, right, Bro Yan and I are getting engaged soon. Sis, you must make it for the engagement banquet then!"


    Ning Xi raised her brows when she heard the news. So, her sister had unexpectedly disregarded that her career was in its rising phase and was getting engaged so soon?

    It looked like she was really compelled by the issue with the will...ha...

    When Xiao Tao heard Ning Xueluo called Ning Xi "sis", she could not help but look on suspiciously.

    Why did she feel like there was a weird vibe between the three of them?

    Also, Ning Xueluo was actually getting engaged soon! She had unexpectedly found out such huge news!

    "An engagement banquet?" Ning Xi muttered.

    "Yes, sis, you'll come, won't you?"

    "I'm sorry, I'm quite busy recently. Next time, next time, I'll go for sure!" Ning Xi said while beaming before turning around to leave.

    Xiao Tao was stunned for a moment, then she almost blurted out laughing.

    Behind them, Ning Xueluo face had turned green...

    An engagement banquet the next time? Damn it! She was clearly cursing her to get divorced!