Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1191

Chapter 1191: Your Boss Needs To Work Too!

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The next day, History called for another press conference to explain that they met with a slight mishap the day before, hence they had to postpone the announcement.

At Spirit studio, Gong Shangze looked at the headlines on his computer screen showing History's announcement on their highlight piece as something cold flashed in his eyes.

"Director Gong, is this your design too?" Han Momo asked.

Gong Shangze nodded. There was not much anger in his eyes. "In fact, it was one of my earliest works..."

Even though his earlier works were immature, they had the childishness and innocence that old designers did not have. This was something that could not be imitated with experience or practice, and it was this very vibe that made the design much rarer and precious!

Indeed, based on the comments online, even though it did not have the breathtaking and overflowing beauty of Spirit, the comments for History's design were not too shabby.

Ning Xi laughed. "This guy has kept quite a lot of stock of drafts. The days to come will only get harder for him..."

"If I remember correctly, there're still some backup drafts that I consider my best work. He's probably keeping them to use at critical times!" Gong Shangze said.

"Oh, Director Gong, even if you can't remember all of your previous designs, you should be able to remember the more impressionable ones, shouldn't you? Can't we just release those before he does?" Han Momo suddenly suggested.

Gong Shangze shook his head. "My backup drafts and digital drafts are all with him, and there are dates on them, so if I release them before he does, we'd only be called plagiarizers! Not only that, I still need to break away from those styles and elements so as not to clash with my stolen designs..."

"Jeez...this is evil!" Han Momo was very mad.

Ning Xi wanted to say something when her phone rang. It was Ling Zhizhi.

"Hello, Sis Zhizhi?"

"There's a celebrity charity dinner banquet tonight. You should join it and remember to prepare some suitable items for the charity auction. It doesn't need to be too expensive or outstanding. I will have Xiao Tao accompany you to it."

"Okay, got it!"

Ning Xi hung up, then looked to Gong Shangze and the rest. "My babies, continue to push onwards and upwards. Your boss needs to work too!"

"Boss, you too!" Han Momo cheered her on, "Oh yes, Boss, when did you say your new movie will be screening in theatres again?"

"Because of some scheduling problems, it's being temporarily pushed back, but it should be quite soon!"

"Mmm, I'll definitely get everyone around me to support you then!" However, Han Momo could not have guessed that it would be hard for her to even get one ticket; not only could she not support her, she had to ask Ning Xi for some backstage passes instead...

"Thank you!"


The charity banquet was organized by a huge luxury brand. They had invited the big shots in the entertainment industry as well as public figures in the political and the business world. This was one of the year's largest charity banquets. The entire venue was glistening with starlight and many prominent figures were present...

Ning Xi brought her item for the charity auction, and behind her was Xiao Tao. The moment they walked in, they noticed a familiar figure...

Yun Shen? How could it be?

Ning Xi's eyes passed through the crowd and she fixed her gaze on the figure that had just walked over. She wanted to catch the color of that man's hair, but he had very quickly immersed in the crowd, accompanied by his bodyguards...