Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1190

Chapter 1190: Han Xiao: Even If I'm Enemies With The World

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After leaving the Regal Riveria Hotel, Han Xiao walked to where one of the largest mausoleum parks was in Imperial, the Imperial Qianshan.

It was not sure whether it was because he had seen his past designs at Ning Xi's place that his train of thoughts could not help but reminisce to a time from long ago. He had already forgotten how long it had been since he recalled what had happened those years back.

Seven years ago, deep in the mountains, dead trees were spread all around and the sound of wild beasts howling was heard from time to time, but very quickly, they were overcome by gunshots.

Ahead, there were a few people hugging withered trees, and when one looked closely, it had been shot to resemble sieves with numerous holes.The handsome guy dashed across and the fallen leaves from the ground swooshed up into the air.

Behind, three guys held guns and one of them wore a branded tuxedo and expensive sunglasses. "Ha...indeed they've changed. That's a completely inhumane speed!"

"Be careful, you should know that person's background!"

"Ha, Li Suifeng, aren't you the number one hitman on the leaderboard and even several of Asia's underground empires have to respect you? You're terrified already?" The short one looked at the sturdy, well-dressed Asian man before him and laughed lightly.

"Haha, Li Suifeng, even if that person's amazing, would they not be afraid of guns?" The other person chuckled.

At this moment, Li Suifeng, who was called the number one hitman on the leaderboard, frowned, "Venus, Jackie, even the Rothschild family who was the king of the underground in Europe, was quite afraid of his existence..."

When they heard Li Suifeng mentioned the European king, Venus's and the other person's expressions changed.

"No wonder you're so careful. This is the Rothschild's family's mission. I'm afraid that the only people who could invite you in this world isthe old man from the Rothchild family," the short Venus said softly.

"I am quite wary, or else, I wouldn't have asked the two of you to assist me. That man..."

Li Suifeng frowned, then he suddenly realized something and did a hand gesture for the rest to keep quiet. The three bent down and crept slowly towards the forest before them.

Moments later, Li Suifeng and stopped and his cold gaze looked to a faraway place, then he called out coldly, "Lord Xiao, come out. You know as well as I do... This time, I've even gotten Venus and Jackie with me."

Venus's and Jackie's eyes were filled with curiosity and fire as they stood before Li Suifeng. They really wanted to see what was so different about that Lord Xiao that even the number one hitman Li Suifeng had to be this wary.


Li Suifeng and the rest looked startled. Ahead, they only saw a beautiful man with hair that extended to his waist standing on a huge, white tiger.

"Motherf*cker, what attitude is this? He could tame a white tiger?!" Venus's eyes widened and she looked astonished.

The white tiger's gaze was violent and the murderous vibe from it was extremely frightening. With its sharp eyes, fierce teeth, and shiny fur, one look and they could tell it was a purebred wild tiger, definitely not a domestically reared one. Who was that handsome man? How was he standing on a white tiger?!

"Lord Xiao, youwon't be able to escape." Li Suifeng took a deep breath.

"Haha, you're Han Xiao... I heard that your bragging skills are number one in the world, the world invincible Han Xiao." When Jackie saw Han Xiao's effeminate face, he laughed with disdain.

Han Xiao hopped down from the tiger and looked like he was in contemplation, then he shook his head. "World invincible...that might not be the truth. Sometimes I'm first, sometimes I'm second."

"Oh..." Venus took half a step forward and played around with the gun in her hand. "As amazing as you may be, can you be better than the gun?"

"Gun?" Han Xiao was dazed for a moment, then he quickly clasped his hands together and looked frightened. "Have mercy!"

When they heard Han Xiao say this, the little Venus and Jackie were surprised. The person before them was a figure that made the Rothschilds wary. How could he be this terrified of a gun?

"Lord know that I'm an assassin. I owe the Rothschilds a favor. The mission this time is to kill you," Li Suifeng sighed.

"Youngster, who taught you all of your kungfu? Now that you don't have another opponent, you dare to come look for some fun from your Lord Xiao?" Han Xiao stared at Li Suifeng with a grin.

"Lord Xiao, I don't have a choice either," Li Suifeng clasped his fists together. "If I die in your hands this time, I can only hope that Lord Xiao will let my two friends go," Li Suifeng said firmly.

To kill Han Xiao, he had created an alliance with these two top assassins as he did not have any confidence in just himself.

"Li Suifeng, you were his student?!" Venus looked at him in shock. She knew about Li Suifeng's capabilities as the number one assassin, but this Han Xiao was actually Li Suifeng's master?!

Li Suifeng just stared at Han Xiao and did not answer Venus's question.

"Hah...that old Rothschild man. Just 'cause I didn't want to marry his daughter, he got someone to kill me. Is there a woman who is befitting of me in this world? Huh, you guys, have you seen such a woman?" Han Xiao's eyes had a certain insanity in it.

"Han Xiao, weren't you just begging for mercy earlier? Now, you aren't scared to die anymore?" Jackie said.

"Nah, I was just lying to you guys." Han Xiao shrugged, there was a simple and unadorned sword hanging on his waist. He took huge steps towards Li Suifeng and the other two.

"Lord Xiao...forget about you, even if it was your clan, they might not dare to go against the Rothschilds. If you married Rothschild's daughter, the entire underground empire would be yours in the future, Lord Xiao! Unless, Lord Xiao, you're really abstaining from romantic relations and lust?!" Li Suifeng took a deep breath. Han Xiao was all about martial arts, so it was not empty talk for him to denounce romantic relationships for the art.

When he saw that Han Xiao had stopped replying, Li Suifeng's eyes revealed a spine-chilling coldness. As long as he killed Han Xiao, the Rothschild clan would grant him advantages he could only dream of.

"Okay, they say that Lord Xiao can take a bullet. I, Li Suifeng have not witnessed it my entire life although after becoming the number one assassin, I've experienced a lot more. Nevertheless, I understand that you, Han Xiao, are not undefeatable."

As the other two comprehended the end of Li Suifeng's sentence, his gun aimed at Han Xiao and...bam! A gunshot was heard.


At the same time, Han Xiao disappeared from where he was. A flurry of fallen leaves floated in mid-air.


Venus and Jackie were stunned in their spot. They were astounded that Han Xiao had escaped Li Suifeng's bullet!

Even Li Suifeng himself was shocked by this.

"Careful!" Suddenly, Venus shouted at Li Suifeng.

"Wow...youngster, your speed is getting slower and slower. There are some things that cannot be solved with guns, you tell me!" Han Xiao's mouth curved into a smile and it was devilish.

His right hand turned to claws and lightly gripped onto Li Suifeng's throat.

"I already said that you can't take a bullet, but I didn't think that you could evade bullets." Li Suifeng looked hopeless as the coldness in his eyes vanished, replaced by fear. "Lord Xiao, I was your student... Do you really want to kill me?!"

Now, Li Suifeng regretted it. He knew how Han Xiao was like, yet he had lost his mind with all the things the Rothschilds had promised.

"Don't worry, you're my student. I won't kill you," Han Xiao paused for a moment, then replied.

"Lord Xiao...thank you, I..."

However, before Li Suifeng could finish, there was a crisp sound. Li Suifeng's throat had been broken by Han Xiao.

"Nah...I'm lying again, so forgetful."

Han Xiao's right hand let loose and Li Suifeng's body fell limply to the ground. When they saw that Li Suifeng had been killed in between playing it down, Venus and Jackie gasped in disbelief.

"Kill him!"

Their expressions returned to the usual calmness very quickly. They swiftly dispersed and shot a few times at Han Xiao.

Bam! Bam!

Han Xiao's sword had blocked the bullets in front of him as the sound of gold and metal clashing rang with fiery sparks flying off the sword.

"Bloody hell, this must be fake! Is he a human or a monster?" Jackie's forehead broke out into a cold sweat. There were people who can evade bullets in this world, but who had seen someone use a sword to block a bullet?!

"Han Xiao, are you done playing games?"

Suddenly, from afar came a man and a woman. The man who spoke donned an all-black outfit and he looked grave, while the woman wore a long dress and her sharp eyes stared at Han Xiao. She looked very pretty and sweet.

"Haha, I'm just playing around," Han Xiao laughed.

"Original Sins leaderboard's number one assassin, Asia's number one assassin, and America's number one assassin... Han Xiao, who did you offend?" The black-clothed man asked curiously.

"Rothschild, that old man. I don't want to marry his daughter, so he got someone to kill me," said Han Xiao as he shrugged.

"Interesting." The black-clothed man looked in disdain. "There's no one in this world that can suit you."

Once he said this, that pretty girl pulled on his ear. "Qin Wentian, if you continue to incite Han Xiao, I will slap your mouth!"

"Qin Youge, I'm just telling the truth. No woman in this world fits him," said Qin Wentian seriously.

"Me included?" The girl called Youge said unhappily.

" You're not a common girl," Qin Wentian said helplessly.

"Are you guys done!?"

The fury in Venus rushed out as she shot at the black-clothed man, Qin Wentian.


Qin Wentian immediately pulled out a sword and waved it with an inhuman speed.

"It broke..."

After Qin Wentian blocked the bullet, he stared at his broken sword and his eyes turned vicious.

"Are you looking for death?"

Instantly, Qin Wentian had flown in a few steps to Venus, and before she could react, his broken sword slashed Venus's neck.

"Freaks...two freaks!"

Jackie had goosebumps now. He was America's number one assassin and had never been defeated. The entire America would be terrified at the sound of him, yet today he had met two freaks!

"Do you think you can escape?"

As they watched Jackie escape into the forest, Qin Wentian flung the broken sword and it cut through the air before stabbing right through Jackie's head.

Once they settled the two of them, Qin Wentian walked to Han Xiao and said, "Rothschild's underground influence covers the entire Europe. I heard he even has a huge influence in Asia and America. He was even the mastermind behind several war-torn countries..."


"That amazing? Then, I guess I should just marry his daughter!" Han Xiao held his chin and thought about it before he said.

"There's no worldly woman that can suit you," Qin Wentian said expressionlessly.

"If worldly women don't suit me, do you suit me? Do you have a crush on me?" Han Xiao hinted at Qin Wentian.

"Bugger off!"

Qin Wentian tried to smack Han Xiao, but he easily evaded.

"You descendants of dynasties are all so violent, that's not good," Han Xiao laughed, then pulled the girl's hand and walked away.

"Hey, I'm a descendant of the dynasty too." The girl stared at Han Xiao unhappily.

"Haha, Qin Shi Huang [1] was ruthless and his descendants also have the genes of ruthlessness if I'm not wrong."

In a flash, Han Xiao reached the summit of the mountain and took the girl into his arms.

"In any case, you're not allowed to say that! You're not allowed to say that Qin Shi Huang's descendants are ruthless anymore!" The girl was annoyed and pinched his face.

"I know, I know..." Han Xiao looked helplessly at this spunky woman before him.

The girl was satisfied now and she happily twirled before him. "Is my outfit pretty?"

Han Xiao thought about it, before saying with a smirk, "It'd be prettier if you don't wear it."

"Idiot, if you have time, you should go outside the world to look around. This is Italy's top brand and there's only a global limited edition of ten pieces." The girl pouted and was unhappy that Han Xiao did not know how to admire it.

"It's just ordinary stuff to me. Wait till I design a few for you to wear the next time," Han Xiao said pridefully.

"Hmm, you said so. I'll be waiting then." The girl sat down and leaned in Han Xiao's embrace. There was a worry between her eyes. "Will there be trouble since you rejected Rothschild's daughter?"

"Trouble?" Han Xiao suddenly laughed aloud scornfully. "In this world, if I wanted someone to die, they would, so who could go against me? I'll settle my scores with that old guy later!"

"Hmm, boasting again! Wait till you defeat Qin Wentian before you brag about the title of world undefeatable again." The girl could not help but attack back.

"Don't mention Qin Wentian again. It's fine if he's giving up on romance since he kept urging me to. I'm a person with a wife!" Han Xiao's fingers twirled the girl's hair as he scoffed.

"That's because he's worried you would neglect martial arts. Only you are a worthy opponent of his, so if you're gone, there's no fun in him being alive," the girl giggled.

"You be careful. That old pervert better not fall in love with me or you'll gain a romantic rival," said Han Xiao seriously.

Before Han Xiao could continue, there were sounds of footsteps from behind them suddenly. The two turned around to see a white-haired elder.

"Old guy, why are you here?" Han Xiao demanded.

"Uncle Han Yin." The girl swiftly stood up and looked at the elder with slight alarm.

The elder was the master that had enlightened Han Xiao's talent and the girl was quite familiar with him too.

Before Han Yin could say anything, he walked up to the girl and then raised his hand. With the speed of lightning, the hand landed harshly on the girl. The sound of ruptured bones was heard and before the girl could struggle, she had fallen limplyonto the ground.

The elder had caught them off-guard with the attack. Han Xiao did not get the chance to react from the start till the end. He had to watch the girl fall before him...

"Han Xiao, you disgraceful bastard! You don't want the European king's daughter, yet you've been charmed by this woman till you've lost all your wisdom!" The elder did not even look at her. He just turned to look at Han Xiao.

"Youge..." Han Xiao stared at the girl's fallen body. His gaze was straight ahead while his body was trembling fiercely.

"Hmm, Han Xiao, remember this, you must marry Rothschild's daughter!" Han Yin said.

"Youge..." Han Xiao moved closer to the girl, squatted down, and with trembling shoulders, he hugged the girl tightly within his embrace.


There was blood pouring out of the girl's eyes, nose, mouth, and nose.

"Don't blame...Uncle Yin...he's just...doing the best...for you..." The girl wanted to hug Han Xiao tightly, but her arm hung halfway before it fell lifelessly.

"Youge, I'll fix you...don't be afraid..." Han Xiao quickly carried her and walked down the hill.

"'re lying to me again...big only know how to k-kill don't know medicine...or saving people..."

Han Xiao kept his face close to hers. "I'll learn, I'm willing to learn anything, don't die, don't die!"

"You...once said'll bring see...see the snow...I might...not be accompany you...anymore...can you...find...a safe country...find...a woman who loves you...more than me, to help me...spend the rest of life...with you..."

"I really want to...marry you...and be with you...really...really do..."

As she finished, a huge amount of blood spilled out of her mouth and her white dress was stained a bright red color. Her body gradually turned cold in Han Xiao's embrace.

"Youge!" Han Xiao's fingernails stabbed into his palm and blood flowed freely between his fingers. He put down the girl's body aside and then turned around to look at Han Yin as he slowly retrieved the sword from his waist.

"Han Xiao, what are you doing?!"

When Han Yin saw what was happening, he was stunned. This punk had always been respectful towards him, yet today he dared to use his sword on him for a woman?!

"I want to...deceive and destroy the ancestors." Han Xiao held the sword and walked towards Han Yin.

"Han Xiao! You want to betray the entire clan?!" When he saw that Han Xiao was really ready to murder him, Han Yin started to feel uncertain.

"All because this vixen from Qin Shi Huang's bloodline made you completely lose all rationality?!" Han Yin shouted angrily and kicked her body down the bottomless pit off the cliff.

"I want your pathetic life!"

Han Xiao had entered a state of insanity and flew to Han Yin before his sword slashed horizontally.

"Han Xiao, you dare...!?"

Han Xiao's sword was strong and vicious. Han Yin evaded it awkwardly.


The second sword struck out.


Han Xiao put the sword back into his sheath, and without another look at Han Yin, he ran down the cliff.

After Han Xiao left, a huge amount of blood splattered out of Han Yin's neck. He had long been slashed at the throat by Han Xiao.


Three days later, in the same forest, the viciousness in Han Xiao's eyes showed as he took huge steps towards Qin Wentian.

"Han Xiao, you killed Han Yin. Follow me back to confess your crime," Qin Wentian said sternly.

"I will only say it once...bugger off."

Han Xiao's eyes were full of insanity and his body trembled lightly as if it was resisting the craziness in him.

"Han Xiao, you did something wrong." Qin Wentian could not bear to see Han Xiao like this.

"Youge is dead," said Han Xiao.

"I know, I've told you from the start that you should have cut off love and lust.Youge's death was the clan's orders. It seemed to be related to the Rothschild, but you killing Han Yin is betraying the clan." Qian Wentian's disturbed expression faded and he returned to calmness.

"Clan?! Huh, they are just mediocre people and yet they dared to touch my woman!" Han Xiao laughed sinisterly.

"If you want to challenge the clan, there's just you and me today. Only one can live." Han Xiao got up.

"You're a mess. You're not my opponent, today... I won't kill you. From now on, I, Qin Wentian and you, Han Xiao will cut ties. In future encounters, I won't care for friendly regard, only rivalry!" Qin Wentian finished, then flung his broken sword down and it pierced the ground.

"This 'Three Thousand Desires' was given to me by you from way back when. Now, I return it to you!" Han Xiao pulled out his sword and threw it at Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian took the sword and he looked like he wanted to say something, but he said nothing in the end and left.

"Youge, where are you? I can't find you...can't find you..."

Only until Qin Wentian left did Han Xiao go crazy and look all over for the girl's body, but he had never...never found it...