Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 119

Chapter 119: The Same Birthday

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"Ning Xiao Xi! Don't change the subject!" Hearing this, Jiang Muyes mood grew even more sour, and he thought in his heart, Even if Im your ex-boyfriend, can I compare with your Brother Yan, who is your childhood friend? You even call out his name when youre dreaming.

Ning Xi was helpless. "Fine, fine, fine. But Im not changing the topic. Why does it seem like youre being so noisy because you want to expose my relationship with you and also with Su Yan, in front of everyone?"

When will this guy stop being so childish?

Finally, Jiang Muye subsided.

"If you want to pay, go ahead!" In the end, Jiang Muye simply threw out a perfunctory remark.

Su Yan saw Ning Xi whispering in Jiang Muyes ear, and he frowned subtly. Was it his imagination? He had always felt that Ning Xi and Jiang Muyes relationship was as more than just colleagues

Noticing that Su Yan was looking blankly in Ning Xis direction, Ning Xueluo shook his arm to draw his attention back, and said in a coquettish voice, "Brother Yan, did you bring the thing I asked for?"

Su Yan came back to himself. "Yes, I did."

With that, he passed her a stack of invitation cards, then said to everyone, "Tomorrow is Xueluos birthday, I hope everyone can come to her birthday banquet tomorrow evening!"

"Ah! Its Teacher Nings birthday tomorrow!"

"I must go!"

"Teacher Ning's birthday banquet will definitely be a high-class affair, we have to experience it for ourselves!"

Ning Xueluo smiled sweetly as she gave out the invitation cards one by one. When she gave one to Ning Xi, she didn't forget to specially say, "Junior Sister, you must come!"

Ning Xi turned the cup around in her hands aimlessly, her face expressionless as she stared at the red invitation.

When she was about to give the invitation to Jiang Muye, he didn't move. "Don't bother, Im not going."

Hearing this, Ning Xueluos face stiffened slightly, but in the next second, it smoothed back into a soft expression as she asked concernedly, "Muye, do you have something on tomorrow? Can you postpone it? I really do hope you can come! Please, please!"

She had already promised a number of her close friends who liked Jiang Muye that she would definitely have him come.

There was no way any man could resist a request made by a gorgeous beauty in such a pleading tone.

But Jiang Muye didnt buy it at all, and his eyes even showed a bit of disdainas he said impatiently, "I can't postpone it, its also one of my friends birthday tomorrow!"

Saying that, he glanced in Ning Xis direction.

Ning Xi took a sip of wine, and said nothing.

"Ah what a coincidence! Your friend has the same birthday as me! It must be a very important friend to you? That's really a pity! Once youre done, feel free to come over any time, as our party will run through the night!" Ning Xueluo said considerately.

Damn it, if she failed to invite Jiang Muye, wouldnt she lose face in front of so many of her close friends?

Who on earth was Jiang Muyes friend? Not only did they have the same birthday as her, they were also important enough for Jiang Muye to turn down her invitation in front of so many people!

Wait, the same birthday tomorrow

Bewildered, Ning Xueluo looked hesitantly in Ning Xis direction.

She suddenly remembered that Ning Xi also shared the same birthday, and it was also tomorrow!

Dont tell me the friend Jiang Muye was talking about was Ning Xi?

Just then, she suddenly remembered something. Wang Taihe had announced that the person who invested the additional funds into the movie was Liu Jingli. Her father had also told her that the other party had surreptitiously arranged with the director to have Ning Xi take the second female lead. Why did Glory Worlds Lu Jingli want Ning Xi to be the second female lead?

If her speculation was correct, and Ning Xi and Jiang Muye were actually acquainted, then it had to be Jiang Muye who had helped Ning Xi out by putting in a good word for her.

If that was the case, everything that had happened until now made sense...

This Ning Xi, had she seduced Jiang Muye?