Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1189

    Chapter 1189: Related To A Woman?

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    Ning Xi was dumbfounded. This person just kept making her speechless.

    "Okay, let's not chat any longer. No one speaks from now on. Let's just focus on eating, God, please eat! Eat!"

    It was only then that Han Xiao picked up his chopsticks unhurriedly.

    Even though he was cool, this did not seem to obstruct his speed of eating. Very soon all the pots of food were finished. Han Momo who had beensmitten by Han Xiao earlier watched him until her eyeballs almost fell out. He had such a huge appetite!

    "God, eat as much as you want today. There's more in the kitchen!" Ning Xi smiled and walked to the kitchen to bring over the remaining dishes.

    There were many people with large appetites doing live streams online recently and they were all pretty popular. If Han Xiao started an eating live stream as well, he would definitely top all the rest.

    She had invited the studio people along to show their gratitude and sincerity to him, yet he only cared about the food. He might even find them insincere for having so many people around to fight for food with him.

    Thus, Gong Shangze and the rest tactfully took their leave after they were done eating.

    After Han Xiao finished up the food, Ning Xi quickly asked, "God, are you satisfied with the food?"

    "Not bad, it's yummier than KFC."

    Ning Xi was speechless. Her culinary skills had fallen to the point of being compared to KFC...

    After he was done eating, Han Xiao got up and was prepared to leave, but a few steps later, his eyes seem to have caught sight of something and he stopped.

    "What is it?" Ning Xi followed Han Xiao's line of sight to see. Han Xiao seemed to be looking at the direction of her closet. To be exact, it was one of the gowns in the closet...

    Ning Xi watched as Han Xiao stared at the gown, then she asked, "What's up? Are you interested in that gown? Indeed, great minds think alike! That's my personal favorite! It's a very cool yet rarely known brand called GE!"

    Ning Xi thought he was interested in the label, so she walked over and flicked the power switch on the dressing table. The wall behind the closet suddenly opened and the two doors slid away to the sides, revealing a room full of GE branded clothes inside.

    Han Xiao looked absent-mindedly at those clothes with almost a sense of sadness in his eyes that surprised Ning Xi. "Um...God...God? Is there something wrong with these clothes?"

    "I designed them," said Han Xiao plainly.

    When Ning Xi heard, she was instantly dumbfounded. "What!?You designed them? You're that genius designer that appeared and then vanished?"

    Wait...was there really such a possibility?

    "You like them?" Han Xiao asked.

    "What do you mean? These clothes? Of course, they're so beautiful! Who wouldn't like it? I don't believe any girl would dislike it! But I don't have the capability to collect all of them completely. I got these with my boyfriend's help..."

    "No girl would dislike it... That's good..." Han Xiao muttered, obviously in a tone of delight, yet for some reason, he sounded regretful and lonely.

    Ning Xi stroked her chin.

    Hmm, something is up...

    This gaze of his obviously explicated that it was related to a woman...

    "I'm leaving." Ning Xi was still confused when Han Xiao just waved and left.

    "Ah! Shall I send you?"

    "Didn't you say you don't go to the cemetery?"

    "Uhh, you really stay in the cemetery? Fine, fine, you wish..."