Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1185

    Chapter 1185: Found Him?

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    The reporters, who were interviewing Song Jin one after another earlier, had all stopped and were astonished!

    "My...My God! It's too beautiful!"

    "This is Spirit's highlight piece?"

    "I thought History's Black Religion was already the pinnacle of breathtaking, but now, we've seen the pinnacle of a completely different style! This is astonishing!"

    "ZX's personal style and Elder Song's painting elements combined so perfectly! This entire outfit practically makes one feel like they have fallen into Wonderland!"

    "Elder Song! Does this dress have a name?"


    Song Jin was very happy with the reporters' reactions. He grazed his white beard and said leisurely, "Light as a frightened goose, graceful as a swimming dragon, with glory of the autumn chrysanthemum, dense with spring pines; like the soft clouds shielding the moon, floating like the snow returning to the wind; looking from afar, bright as the break of dawn; running swiftly to see, luminouslike lotus emerging clear waters..."

    When he recited this, one of the reporters asked emotionally, "Could this dress possibly be named Luoshen?"

    Song Jin nodded sagely. "That's right."

    Everyone exclaimed in admiration.

    "Luoshen... Luoshen is indeed true to its name!"

    "How fitting!"

    "Spirit is astonishing!"

    "Exactly, they have such unexpected surprises every time!"


    "Sadly what?"

    "Obviously, I'm feeling sad... We even met Master Song Jin today, yet we haven't met Spirit's legendary designer, ZX!"

    "Oh yeah! They're so secretive! What do you think this ZX code name means?"

    "Maybe it's the abbreviation of his name?"


    In the corner, Ning Xueluo was so angry that her face looked distorted. "Damn it! Qin Zifan! What is up with you!? How could not know about this huge news that Spirit managed to get Song Jin?!"

    Qin Zifan broke out in cold sweat as well. Damn it, how could he have thought that Spirit could not invite Song Jin!? Besides, he was only in charge of the marketing department, so all these design stuff was not under him.

    "Where's David?!"

    "Seems like he's still looking for him..." Qin Zifan muttered weakly.

    Ning Xueluo gritted her teeth viciously. "Hmm, what Luoshen? It's just that! As long as we find Han Xiao and Beings is released, it will definitely crush Spirit..."

    "Yes, yes, yes...obviously," Qin Zifan echoed.

    However, his mouth was twitching, the problem was that they had to find the person first!

    That designer was sly in temperament and his whereabouts so uncertain. They have even called and he was not willing to let them use Beings, so where could they look for him now? It would be of no use even if they found him!

    Actually, when Ning Xueluo had hired that person at first, he had felt indistinctively unassured and thought that she would definitely not be able to control such a person. There were too many uncertainties, and now, indeed the thing he had worried most about had happened...

    "Boss..." A person rushed over, panting behind Ning Xueluo. It was David.

    "You found him?" Ning Xueluo immediately asked.

    David looked miserable as he shook his head. "N-No, he seems to have blacklisted my number. I've gone to the place he might eat at, but I didn't find him..."

    "Useless! It's been so long. Don't you know where he stays?" Ning Xueluo cursed in rage.

    David looked even more miserable now. "I've tried to track him before, but that guy was too alert. I couldn't even follow through. There was once I followed him, but he actually walked into the cemetery and I didn't dare to continue following..."