Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 118

    Chapter 118: The Meeting Between Two Exes

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    Ning Xi was too lazy to type, so she directly sent a voice message. "Mister Lu, the production crew is having dinner together tonight, can you please let Little Treasure know, and tell him not to wait for me to eat."

    Very quickly, her phone buzzed with Lu Tingxiao's reply, which was also a voice message.

    Ning Xi opened it, and Lu Tingxiaos clear and caring tone came through the phone. "Okay, have fun."

    "Ning Xiao Xi" Next to her, Jiang Muye gloomily said her name.


    "Youre not just blind, are you deaf,too? Don't you think theres something wrong with the way my uncle talks to you?"

    "Jiang Muye, do you want to get beaten up again?"

    "" Jiang Muye resolutely stayed silent. Hehe, Ning Xiao Xi, you just wait. By the end of tonight, Ill definitely find evidence to convince you!Con. Vince. You!

    Pearl Hotel.

    This time, basically all the people in the production came to the dinner party. Even Ning Xueluo and the others who had had no scenes today came.

    One after another, everyone welcomed Jiang Muye, and the atmosphere in the room was very warm.

    After three rounds of drinks, Amy suddenly picked up a glass of wine and stood up. "Ning Xi, I misunderstood you before. This toast is to you, take it as my apology as well as my thanks!"

    "Youre too kind, Sister Amy!" Ning Xi drained the wine in the cup she was holding.

    All the people cheered. After that, many people came over to drink a toast to Ning Xi, and she didnt refuse any of them, as if they were resolving all hard feelings with wine.

    Seeing Ning Xi get along well with the people on the crew, Ning Xueluo smiled slightly with a satisfied expression on her face. "Just as I said, theres no way little Junior Sister can be that kind of person!"

    Towards the end of the meal, suddenly a slender figure knocked at the door and came in.

    "Aiya, its Young Master Su!"

    "Young Master Su is here!"

    "Brother Yan, why are you here?" Seeing him arrive, Ning Xueluo immediately went to greet him, her face full of surprised happiness.

    In one corner, a drunk Jiang Muye immediately regained his senses. His eyes burned like torches as he glared at the man in the doorway who was wearing a white suit and displayed a courteous manner.

    Su Yan!

    So that was Su Yan?

    The only man it was said that Ning Xi had ever loved?

    Su Yan the perfect boyfriend would show up every time Ning Xueluo needed backup. At the moment, Ning Xueluo held on to his arm, and his face was kind as he said hello to everyone. "I invited some friends to eat here, and heard from Xueluo that all of you were also here. You can order whatever you want, and put it on my tab!"

    Everyone cheered:

    "Wow! Young Master Sus too rich!"

    "It feels like were always benefitting because of Teacher Ning!"

    "Then well help ourselves!"

    At this moment, there came a cold snort from the corner. "Why should I let you pay for my dinner party? I'll pay for it!"

    This was probably the battle of jealousy between exes. When Su Yan appeared, Jiang Muye hadnt bothered to disguise his hostility.

    A man was always very sensitive to another mans hostility. From the beginning, Su Yan had already felt that Jiang Muye wasnt very friendly towards him, but he still had a warm smile on his face as hespoke steadily. "Since this is a reception banquet for Mister Jiang, it stands to reason that Mister Jiang shouldnt be the one to pay for it himself."

    "Thats right, let us treat you! You can regard it our duty as hosts," Ning Xueluo echoed.

    What duty as hosts! Im capital born and bred, okay? Why do I need you to perform a duty as the host?!

    As Jiang Muye was about to drunkenly blow his top, next to him, Ning Xi subtly gripped his shoulder behind him, and drew close to his ear. "Are you retarded, hes a sucker with more money than sense, why wouldnt you use him? Let him pay!"

    Jiang Muye's face turned even uglier."Hmph, are you sure you're not defending him? Hes your ex-boyfriend, after all!"

    Ning Xi raised an eyebrow. "Arent you also my ex-boyfriend?"